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Not to rain on the hug parade but doesn't the polygraph also detect stress, and Eugene just got really stressed when they asked if he wanted a hug?You can't fake that.Who in their right minds would downvote this video!Raffollo cake plz.No one will move the king fools.

Isang tira lng tapos na.

Isang tira lng tapos na.

So black has no other move left than try to take the queen.I RAISED MY HAND!I didn't wanted to make it last monthsbecause both cnc lathe and milling machine didn't run.1) How do I know the wood is proper to use?Hurray your BACK!We went to to do great things in that tournament of which I have spoken before.

GM Dada Forever.Its jeopardize not jeopargize.Where do you get that flexible sandpaper?Really really chaotic project.The Sun's weight or mass.No offence, I know you've probably fallen for the online community sentiment and I'm not going to be the target demographic as a result.She's not special.Once the top and shelves are added I would think that this piece has all of the shear resistance it requires in the horizontal plane.Com's four player chess maybe.Nice game and great explanation of situations.

How do you do tolerances and clearances for bushings?Wow weird place.Hi sir I want to learn chess from starting toending bcoz I'm newlystarted.With all the machine tools in the shop, why don't you take the wear out of the old equipment to make them perfect again.Also, as i didn't want waste any extra money with this before i make couple of trial runs, i used alternative silicone.Even if you flip the whole deck over, you would have 52-13 which is 39, which is odd, so nnnhmm I would say no thanks friend.Day 34 of asking for Allen pan to make a pan.That front page image I actually bought it before the vid was released Xd it tasted bad just so u know.

As of the end

As of the end

How the hell do you play and entertain at he same time in 1 minute?Nope MM GOD wanna be irithel haha -brr.I agree with the less of toxic masculinity.But, you remove the adding dirt and peroxide parts?Which is an odd "explanation," since it requires a scientific construct (math) to rely on a belief in something for which no objective evidence exists.The most famous is the four knight promotion puzzle which Stockfish cannot solve.With extra ordinary capabilities.Now I know what to chose when I gamble (abob)." Is that the perfect joke?

Would appreciate your recommendations on jointers.I struggled through today.Gread woodwork, a masterpeace, loved to see the whole processof manufacture, my deepest respects.Karpov was very good but no fischer.15:01 why didnt queen take rook I cant understand.Very informative.

How did you determine the amount of moves left for the first generations ?Jake does play viola not violin.4 And lastly what rpm did you use?Rook takes queen.Im also glad this was theory based and not coupled with a bunch of assumptions!

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Make a corona virus video

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Pina iyak mo ako brenda

John Appleseed

Most of times I see people doing short castling ( O-O ) why not long castling ( O-O-O ) ?


This is like Chess Woodstock.

Dennis !kharuchab

Classic scene.

Rob Cheeseman

I was shitting myself the entire time.


Gary Kasparov I admire as a scientific calculus. He will annoy the opponent torture him( at the cost of his expense) and come up with a skewered check mate which he displayed against Anatoly Karpov in the late 1980s. Three Cheers to Gary. Well done.

walter parker

The most concise and instructional chess lecture I have encountered on YouTube,


no entend quien gano al final

roshan sahani

Gamo ka Raza chase

Agu Monta

The sound that his throat makes when he swallows makes me so fucking nervous

Arpit Rajput

First religion was Sanatan not Hinduism. Hinduism is a part of SanatanAlso Buddha was also a reincarnation of Vishnu, but his teachings led to a new religion

priya Ganesh

But Golan won on time

Andrew Battersby

This is incredible!