This list is shit without including Ice Wind Dale, Torment, Baldur's Gate, Baldur's Gate 2 and Baldur's Gate Dragonspear.Top 2 favorite bands from that genre :).Haven’t at all calculated the possibilities but just wondering.Man I kid you not, for the past week I’ve been watching these videos before I go to bed.

Can the DGT PI hook up to HDM Video out?This is a rough estimate of the relative values of the pieces.Love me some memory sticks.X -55) (this is where I want the score to decrease from the current score).I appreciate your work.I love your vids.

After Ba3, Stockfish gives it over

After Ba3, Stockfish gives it over

Did he run out of time?How is the websiteapp called where i can play this?No one:everyone in this comment section: No one:.Even through conventional 3D printers are just as fast now - they're still very structurally weak, that's true.May idol anghelito.If it wasnt for agad, probably wouldnt be playing chess as much.A straight flush beats a full house!

I love my macbook air late 2014!

I love my macbook air late 2014!

Nice way of explanation.Handsome and a killer: awww, mahn is he hottttt, he killed but then its worth to die in his arms, lets make a video glorifying him (ted bundythis rodney fucker).I would love one off that cue her in South africa.OMG I got all of the stones on the board.This shit is robbery.Awesome analysis, I learned more from this video than any previous.:) At least I think so.What if he dosent take the e4 pon in the first place.

The beginning had me laughing and I had

The beginning had me laughing and I had

But hes a great advocate and spokesperosn for the game and he's an interesting character.55 moves with almost no blunders in 1 minute is some high quality chess.What is white's plan if black plays a prophylactic.Looking forward to starting the end game course next.So happy youve started doing tactics!Perfect analog of battle.Poor old Karpov not getting much love from his comrades.I don't find the first "sacrifice" with Ng6 that impressive (I thought of it myself, and I'm a weak player), but in any case, I fail to see any substantial advantage for white after 2.You can take 3 cells in a row like this: XX and change them into X (X is a cell with stone, is an empty cell so it's kinda like checkers rotated 45 degrees).

When Keith picked Becky over

When Keith picked Becky over

So dumband utterly wrong.Thank you for showing us them.The number of dislikes ?Still, like the Apollo program, the New Horizons mission is incredible!Make moves like that.I Know the videos been out for a while did You ever get around to making these?After watching these many games how one can lose?The Edmonton Eulers.I have uploaded a short interview with Bent Larsen from 1989.What's that piece on the sofa.

That black bag is moving.: carlsen is human : he missed the 100 % accuracy and was surprised by tricky endgames.Where is BRIZZ MATCH UP.Why not move the Black rook behind the white pawn thats almost promoted and later move the King?K Rowling for the incredible childhood.

I think sacrificing

I think sacrificing

This seems like a forced mate sequence while Rc5 can be "escaped" with loss of material (okay, Queen for Rook, quite bad, but hey, not a mate after all)at the same time, awesome video as always, you really dug in once again, Jerry.You said you showed game 2 first, I don't remember that, could you link to it please?Keep background music low.I think this opening is called "giving queen odds.How could you deviate from pi million subs?If you had inlaid the weights flush it might have won the last race.

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No true gamers should know Fortnite or minecraft


I dont get the last clip. Why is Hansen analysing this video?

Balrog of Moria

Can anybody tell me what happens at 2:31 when Carlsen gives check to the black king? He doesn't remove the check, then how does the game goes ahead?

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All up for the netflix series Antonio

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very nice

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simplementeimpresionante esa mesa vale orosimply amazing!!!!!that table is worth gold

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Am I the only one that's worried about all the chemicals on a cheese board?


You did a good job