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Great video and commentary.7:42 c’est quoi ce truc!Say it one more time that you dont have pieces and they will appear.You should play 4.

I love these small projects.I find this really boring.Once they’d invented tea of course from ye olde edge of Londinium or the New Forest.Lol sealing tape really ?Oh, oh my - there’s a tax for that Oh, you want to watch these about the American revolution?Can u type slower.What's the point haha.

What does this mouse do?

What does this mouse do?

Keep coming the good chess video!18:30 q g3  is a good move but not the best.I especially liked that bishop pair so much.Failures are, like you said, part of learning.When I am Black I win because I am Bogolyubov.Lets be honest that you didn't search this video but this video searched u lloll.I won't spend a dollar on that shit!After an early Bd7 in the French a3 is pretty bad because of the immediate f6!You are a mad man.Grazie Antonio, ciao!

Thank you very much

Thank you very much

Her piece Herpes.There are a number of 6way intersections in Chicago that are controlled by traffic lights that would almost certainly work better if they were roundabouts if people knew how to drive in those.If you're not a professional, you should be one.The splintering comes from 2 main things.21:45 Ra7 capture ok now because Ra8 is now possible after Black RxN.No need to ask even though I haven't watch the video yet!And all sorts of doors open!

In my list, none of these 5 moves would find its place.Every sentence has some "maybe's".From the look of things, our great grand kids might not have an earth to do anything with, they may very well become hunter gatherers again.Royce is pretty smart.Now about 40 patrons support the only channel that inspires and builds confidence for people around the world (100 million views).Love your voice and your style of commentary its so relaxing and fun while i feel like i learn a lot by hearing your thought process!Umm yeah, I’m Hikaru Nakamura bitch.While not every game can have them, I think that's true beauty.

Fast forward in 95 or 96 my mom

Fast forward in 95 or 96 my mom

And will see the girl with the dark eyes,showcase all my goods.Why did giri not do that, maybe his too nice.This video not available in the UKYeah, yeah, I'm late to both the video and the joke, but I couldn't resist :P."babble babble"Here's hole eleven.Lichess chess24.It took two days, but I finally finished listening to the whole thing!He's acting weirdXD.Nice to see Max fall into that trap and then get mad lol.

Nicely done mate.

Nicely done mate.

God bless your Cat.I tend to do so, being a control-freak, it feeds on other interests more vital to my person!I am Extremely disappointed.I know I am an amateur but that looked good to me.So many missed opportunities by the kid.Paused the video so many times but really wanted to full effect of the style of the pieces.8:46 what if black plays K e4?I'm working on creating a simple runner game, and I want a health or score system where when the player is on the left lane they lose score and on the right they gain, however,I cant seem to find the solution to solving the loss of score, as when I try it, it takes away from zero and not the current score here's a copy of the code I'm trying to doif (Player.There is always some issue going on with Magnus's camera!

jeremie manninen

I bought a laptop back in November and sadly it's defective as the disk is constantly shooting up to 100% usage with hardly anything running on it and HP claims my warranty is expired


fxg1=Nbeautiful moveit is like queen side castling into mate

Emporio Artigiano

Dear sirI bought 2mm acrylic glass but marking it with the cutter and breaking it is very difficult. Can you tell me what material you use and what thickness you use. thank you thank you.

Tj Goodwin

Clips 2-1 no troll


Too late



nik amin

thank U sir so much for the info, i was so confused about the difference between the finishes and how to do it right, but sir U witch one is best for outdoor projects? like plant stands and benches?.thnx again.

Jamil Amini

bullshit tutorial so confusing

Cactus! workshop



< ithra karupp aarkum paadilla > fantastically racist writing, a film from underdeveloped brain. came to watch Mohanlals perfomance only.

parsa fakhar

another gameanother victim

Lucie Johnson

New food scientist hot debut


Really fun video Ben. I think I would prefer blitz games since you'd be able to provide more in-depth commentary, but otherwise I enjoyed it.


Aman made me laugh with the grandma thing saying "Robert, you gotta take Danny out with you"

Not You

hey rex, i like wood but i dont really know much about it.. however, i realised while watching that i could help you make stuff like this and crazier stuff. one word: SWORDS. centurys of perfected weight balance grips and so on so forth. so many little innovations and most of them i think are completely applicable to this stuff. basically i suggest you go watch some good sword reviews like from skallagrim or something and i think it would be a great experience.

Dino Nguyen

Hi Thomas. Thank you so much for your videos since they help me a lot with understanding game designing. Starting from designing characters and background, before drawing anything in Photoshop we have to create a new file along with choosing the size of it (like width and height), right? What are the numbers then if I like to make it look good at least on 24" computer screen? Thanks again

Bovell Carruthers



If you want an explosive start in chess, c4 is your friend.

Anil B Venkatesh

Why not Nxd5 after 15.Qe1 ?

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'uncharted territory' ? bullshit.