I decided years ago to not let that be me anymore.We have remake at my school.Love this video.Why cant there be an agreement on using the metric system everywhere ?Amazing, thanks!Why would someone open up the king side?Keep making more please.

HW and PCB and electronics connect mechanical and software engineers, without HW there is no connection.Like corner lo 3 sides correct ga place aithe yela cheyalo cheppinav.14:36 "Dubov is of course very happy with that if Duda is very happy with that"Why play then, if everybody is happy with everybody?Please upload Malayalam movie Living Together.I play the Caro-Kann also, so I hope I don't fall for that!

The one I don’t

The one I don’t

David John Kottarathil !I guess it's because they got sponsors on their coffee mugs or something.206 Slytherin’s.I was like, "Oh wow!With regards to Facebook, please send a message regarding the project rather than a friend request.Please someone let me know if I am missing something.Its really nice video i liked this approach i developed my own way against in scotch opening after black took away my d pawn and i like the way i got the way i dont know how i did that but i did due to my middle game plan not becuz of my scotch opening.

Right before I see the pieces, I thought: "this is so Alice in Wonderland".I can rewatch this movie so many times I would never get bored that’s how funny it is.Amateurs playing an IM: y u.Can someone really good with this game can explain to me why, at 6:23, Magnus did not go for BXG4 ?00000000000ooooooooooooo.Joel, this was my favourite 3DPN episode ever.Ye super dimag wale kya kha ke paida hote hain.Daaaaang, that’s what’s up!8 would also do it.

Would an airfoil help?

Would an airfoil help?

2:30 Grime Square.This game is crap.I think I need to try shellac.I like verry much.However I'm using the titebond3 glue and it doesn't seem to bond properly.at least a single 5 minute blitz game, say.LMFAO this guy talks like Elmer Fudd.WW2 started "nazis from the space" or Nazi- Germans?

Woodworking MasterclassI wish to have a fully equipped workshop like yours.I am so proud that i am Canadian eh!There are no other pieces on the board.Well mato i just started playing chess in 3 months but honestly i have seen all the moves that you ask and this move yes i see it so easly thanks for the video.You should have 5.Exelente video,he aprendido mucho gracias por subirlo,saludos desde Chile.That’s a nice chess setwhere did you get that one or the name of the chess set.This is works best video sir.

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You forgot his glasses.

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Me gusta te relaja el sonido


it is a pentagon

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professional sleeper

5:13 Did... Did that kid just threaten the poor robot's life to win a game of chess??!?

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The math symbols come from your math teacher


One of the most helpful videos i have found, for two bishops and king vs. king... The step by step tutorial really helps. Awesome!

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At the end of the Fischer-Benko game, what's wrong with Black playing Qd8?


Blockboard is the most stable of all the panel goods - even better than Baltic birch but you would probably need to paint it or veneer it for fine furniture.

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Dins me on mobile legends BELEIVE YOUR SHELF

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Laurent fresinet is a mentor (coach) of magnus one time and friends .. zlatan foootball chess

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Do you have a link to the cutting board video? My wife loved it.

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