Dr Ian Likpin On Coronavirus Outbreak; Can World Combat Coronavirus?

Humans are the red dot.Akashadoothu Full movie uplond.And you said it multiple times yourself throughout the video.

Aap ki video ma

Aap ki video ma

In Kurdistan, they play with a different set of rules for opening pawns.Blimey, Ive got one of these in my toolkit and I thought that it was just a set square with numbers on it!I sure wish I could remember what it was that they called it.He was a good guy, just got addicted to the wrong things and was involved in some dark stuff.Use Scholarsfour-movemate.At this little kid's age, me and my friends put the fake note on the middle of the gully and watch who will stole it.Plane,simple,perfect.I thought about color.I wonder, at 6:43 isn't Nxc7 a better move?

After watching this im

After watching this im

What I saw in this video impressed me a lot.Does it smell like shit when it is cut?This changes everything and black may very well loose, but white certainly isn’t going down in 4.8:56 calmer Phil Swift.Amazing im impressed!Lol maurice does all this youtube shit cause he's the dumbest GM in the game.

And Trump knows it and he'll go after that weak spot.This Dubov chick resembles Morphys head.Which are not the same.One of the best youtuber.How the heck did you cut 38-12" steep with a circular saw?Love from MathsPathshala.(also other project stop me) Thank you very kindly.An IM asking Hikaru fro Sage advice in a structure he often reaches.$199 in 1988 is $430 in 2019 adjusted for inflation.This explains so much.

Dxe5 Nc6is that 8.Cool, very nice peace.Nice video brad.Sorry but I can do better than this without all this mess!We playeddid this several times.Plot twistAfter taking the wolf across the river, he goes back to find one of the sheep eating the other.

CloudWrath D

If your a Russian, there's always be an Arrrrr, forrr magnus carrrrrlson.

Adam nified

Lol they draw

Gilberto Cruz

Muito linda!!!

Pattie Gilmour

Whenever I’m doubt always go for the Charles Manson look. It will always get you convicted

Yonas Geta

Why do we need gold


Seems like a hell of a headache to beat morphy.From having a winning position against him to being so careful not to blow the endgame.

Jackstraw 81

Soundtrack? Medeski, Martin, and Wood? Great job on the board!

Konstantinas Nikonorycevas

Very good video and work


This system is so inefficient. Just write the initial and final squares of each move, and for castling write the initial and final squares of both rook and king.

Eric Dunn

I finally found one of the "pause the video" moves! Yay me. I only had to watch 400 of agadmator's videos to get one.

TeddyBear DIY

Long-time viewer of your channel and have learnt lots from you. Thanks for another good video

Jeremy Secora

I wonder what this would look like if you did it on a penrose tiling.

Raul Ramirez

la explicacin...


It would be interesting to know how many possibilities are there for a Knight to do 64 moves (and starting anywhere in the board), to know how many percent of those are actually a knight's tour (I know it will probably be a very very very low percentage, but still not 0, considering there are only 64 possible starting points and the knight has to stop after exactly 64 moves, there aren't an infinite number of possibilities for a knight to do that)

Harsh Shokeen

Best player


Very nice you are both an artist and a craftsman.