Kudos to the Saint Louis Chess Club and Scholastic Center for making such valuable resources available for those of us who just can't always travel.I can hear Gordon Ramsay yelling.What makemodel is the printer at 3:31?Lol Danny:"Which posiotion were we at"Hikaru: Move 69.All while CNC machining is an amazing thing and really cool, I also think that learning normal non CNC machining is excellent cause it's just a good bunch of fun.I see 12 triangles for question 6 help.I am baffled by all the hate for Agadmator.Thank you for taking the time to show and explain the detailed steps.

One time a girl even got offended, and told me that the second option was an insult, and that she wouldn't work for such miserable amounts, even if housing and food was included.And if a tape gets damaged, back in the day we used tape repair kits to repair them, not sure if those are still available.Wanna make this by my own, too.They bugging the fuck out.Nice to see someone talk about sprung joints.

Nxe7 Kh8 leaving white queen, rook and knight hanging.After trial and error I’ve gotten to 700.What if whn black played Bc5, white moved with Qd2."and now you will have some problems guarding against these 4 gentlemen here".Option 2: Black can play Rc1, if Rxc1 then h6.

After queen to c4 (8:40) by AA, how

After queen to c4 (8:40) by AA, how

Thank you for putting the fun back into machining videos!That good or bad?Say looks like you need another cup of coffee.He told of seeing a plane they did not recognize.It's very engaging watching the moves and hearing the analysis.

Likewise in the

Likewise in the

Magnus keeps taking so many breaks that he must either be pissing in his pants or checking out the next moves on houdini hidden in his underwear.7:28 Wischensug :D She repeated it twice but I only understood it after she translated it to English - and I AM GERMAN!Did no one go to this park?The QUADRATIC FORMULA!Watching you build this made me think of the phrase: "like a boss.MAYBE Python or Lua.

Matthew Dyrmishi

I don't know why many people call Tony Stark a mechanical engineer. He studied electrical engineering.


I bought orange juice today after i watched this video and now a few hours later I'm not sure if that was a coincidence....

Aman Jain

Jarvis ruled it


The Meek did not inherit the earth.

Argho Dashgupta

This Guy Looks like Leonardo DiCaprio

Corn Wallace

do the court systems in america recognise serious mental health problems in criminals? he should be in a separate psych ward not general population

Killer Queen.

Fun fact about TF2: There is 2 TF2 version. The first is TF2: Brotherhood of war and our TF2.

Leon landson

Love it

Manoj Joshi

sacrifices and still winning ... !!


Epic camera drop


This tournament is in the elimination formatThompson: Eh that doesn't sound too badThe first pairing will be Thompson against MorphyThompson: ....fantastic

Will Sutton

19:25 can’t black play qc6?

Pedro Almeida

Awesome work peeling the inner workings!!!

Herman Liene

     ( )     <     /      /  /           / /   / /  ( (     )    ) / )  (


that looked way off center.


Carlsen got flagged in a winning position by Alireza and then mouseslipped a winning position against NaroditskyUnlucky

Stefano CM

It looks like me and my sister fighting to turn on or off the light

Randy John

Pawn e6 at the end :)


2:30 Ptolemy to Pythagoras: Who's your daddy?30:40 Obi Wan: Hello there!


This is the most beautiful chess ending of all...