These guys look like they're the same person, 20 years apart, that got caught in some time travel accident.15 8 23, 23 16 39, 39 24 63, 63 32 95.Kasparov could still win the game for sure but I would place this game more into the list of blunder from Kasparov for playing 24.Lol I play better then tham.Way too many ads.Did you make the Plans?Felicitaciones excelentes trabajos.Cho em hi sao 11:55 trng i tng d4 vy.

Best ever game of KING MIKHAIL

Best ever game of KING MIKHAIL

I use wood joints.Caruana is one of the best players in the world but psychologically he seems to still have to learn a lot.Set the lathe up and spent 2 weeks making crp with my eyes leaking All the memories of making stuff with him came back, the workshop smells, his voice.What point is there in cheating in anonymous internet chess?Would love to have that shop of yours.It's out dated :(.Hello chess lovers je I like it.Earthian accepts that there are seven human beings with similar face structure.Missing context - how does this provide value to real world applications.On the one hand she's very patronizing and she plays with her hair a lot, on the other she's obviously very smart and knows what she's doing.

The background music

The background music

Thank you for uploading a lecture.3am and Anwar at the shine Frank stand heavy.High sides of the board should be white and Black for Kings.I want one of every planet in our Solar System!The bird noises are not good.This guy might be the biggest douche bag I've seen on YouTube.Taiwan fans give it good.Neat game, thanks for posting it 0.As highly skilled, creative and instructional as both of them.

We are requesting pls makevideo on coordinate geometry

We are requesting pls makevideo on coordinate geometry

Blackdeath black burn Blackburne.Thanks for the clear and lucid lesson.Im pretty sure it’s safe to say that we’re such proud mothers andor fathers :’).Just noticed that you are sitting in a hearthstone box.Trying to start off solidly.Try to use some Mathematical induction, that can prove for a finite number of cases.

The almond one is so good I tried it from my friend who went to Japan.Its diffuclt tu refute.I thought where have they been all my life?Theres a 3rd questionWho am i?The fifth is 15(5n4).

Just Search google"martin make money profit system".Hi Jerry, I love the videos.How many gm norms do you have.It took me 3 hours to "finish" analyzing the first game.This finegold sounds like dickhead.Yeah I haven't tried to memorize the digits of Pi yet.WHATS INSIDE SAMSUNG GEAR S3 FRONTIER.59 aparece reina contra reina.

Dale Stokes

Hey steve, been watching your videos getting ready to start some projects (once my house is finished anyway). Unfortunately, it doesn't matter where you go, you will have fanboys who just have to have their brand/tool/stuff and there is nothing better than it. And they will ignore anything that might say otherwise. Don't worry about them, it just means you've come up in the world! Keep putting out the great videos!

Freya Llargans wald

Wow, I love how you did the burn with the electrical leads. An amazing effect.Beautiful work.You have a new fan in scotland now

Jake Bowling

This is awesome craftsmanship. Just going to throw out some advice as a machinist, you shouldn't wear rings around lathes.


Im going to wach popeye pablo escobar hit man .

juan carlos Rodriguez

nuevamente Carlsen hace tablas por su inmadurez

Wrence Verano


Reo White

You should patent this I could see you creating this out of aluminum blocks and some kind of high-density plastic resin to save weight and make this available for purchase in shops across the world

michael abbot

i love carlini, but he really should play a little serious against those kids


so is this news or entertainment

Tay Rivers

Cap ass 12:12 i heard ya manzs stopp fooling mfks

thug holiday

yeaaa keep dropping

Sparklesman Gaming

Bro these kids are so annoying


Jakk boy looking like Goodz with all this gas lmaoo