Dota Auto Chess from a Magic: the Gathering Player's Perspective!

At 13:42 i think rook and queen both can be saved.Great video man, I really get some inspiration from this and if we were in the US I would definately hire you to do some of our work when it comes to cabling.Excuse me, that's illegal.Nakaka iyak naman.Let"s see who"s position is on lock.Loving the channel, thanks.

Iluv Ur recipies.I just came here to say that.You talkin' TOO MUCH is the PROOF!

So accept it, and treasure

So accept it, and treasure

For those of you who spotted the poisons idea congratulations you are an excellent spotter of poisons ideas.One of the worst tutorials.I say it’s Mzz0s chess play.I saw one smaller on Jerry’s channel.37 Belial, despite his malevolent disposition, is considered an angel.5 yearsMe: Brilliant, let's do somethingMy Instant-gratitude monkey: He said he has a blog?Does that look more like a platter than a bowl?

As you should know better that I do.You saw your outcome, you realised the things you didn't like about it and what caused them and have ideas on how to improve upon them.He wanted to win.How much longer did you make the original pieces to account for the saw kerf when sawing the first glue up into strips right before flip flopping and gluing again.You can also wipe off the glue more easily.

It turns the video

It turns the video

How big is the king behind you?He wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiins.Qa1 is weaker than d7 right away.I have a Dover volume of Blackburne's games, which I bought in about 1972 or 1973.I love watching people work, especially craftsmen!It is beautiful and great video.Thanks for the video.I'll mate you soon, lol!

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3019-L kannan like adicaruthu musa


I enjoyed this

Thony Moh Idris

Sale it


Excellent video and explanation. Thank you very much.


How cool is it to watch one of the best minds in the world work

Joel Rhymes

Anand soaking up pressure was quite impressive. Patient

George Chanturidze

"but king has to defend his wife" lol

Bittonno Eyril Bin Tayok

Don't put music in this video, if you put music.. This video No quality at all.

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More than videos