Dota Auto Chess COUNTER Mages Late Game! Top Queen Rank Replay Epic Queen Games Best Comeback

Threw them bars out on a song.What is the largest amount of metal you can take off at one time.A bad day is still pretty excellent when you’re Magnus Carlsen.I’d like to see more videos on the application of graph theory.Ggs man u did great.

I would not do all this by hand with the possibility that it sound like poopoo but urs is fuckin awesome.If we all held hands in a line all around the world, a significant number of us would drown.I also feel honored to be able to see and hear your coments about this game,you deserve all the good things that are coming to you in the chess world I owe you many achess information,that has help me in my goins in chess for that I am extrimely thankfull.

"Wanna see a dead

"Wanna see a dead

It adds 2 seconds!Zorga mazoo is based about scary things haunting a little girl who ran away they say it’s a children book.Next up: Magnus Carlsen blindfolded vs.I started programming on Roblox, it's not that hard and not as easy as logo or whatever, it's a pretty good way to start.7:45 its not impossible, if you take the total area of the circle, and the area of the tip of the dart, you can find the probability of the middle.Craftsman without the hours practice, technology without the delicate balance of application, a design no matter how brilliant in aesthetics.This is the best chess channel on YouTube please be more active,cant get enough.What I got from Parker's explanation: 10.The new good stuff.

Instead of proper record for release?7:40 "It appears to be a strong pass pawn but you are never crossing this line here".When will Trump startbuildingncov hospitals.I can smell those cedar shavings from here.Adam making big BIG moves.But one is one day.Is there any solution for this?Did he honetly think he stands a chance in the rapids against Magnus?No idea where the book is now, it was called "Sound Reproduction", a pun title.Creates the realism of the piece.

Too much effort for a small cake, but good for people who wanna take care of their diet.Why is Tandy (the last man on earth) in this.Anni kuda kindha vunna color tho match avuthunnayi.That was so weird so I refresh and finally, the correct video.Bob the Builder : Origins.Ford Capri anyone?Or heck over the planet too?OMG I got all of the stones on the board.I'm always amazed how lucky you are getting off the rusted nuts and bolts.Sir Solve pls by as a que2 method" find the no.

He just wanted

He just wanted

I believe that for the half and full adder, a more common notation is A for input 1, B for input 2, CIn for input 3, and S for output 1, and COut for output 2.Looks like Deflection OverloadingDecoy, X-Ray attack, Undermining all are types of Sacrifice.Does anyone here play the Android games called Euclidea and Pythagorea?It's hard to fathom how much different the game of chess would be if Botvinnik had stuck with his "official" job.2300-2500 what's the difference?

Why wouldthe establishment care if Trump wins

Why wouldthe establishment care if Trump wins

Make your Bishop cast prayer on your team2.Somehow that just seems to detract.Oh my god your tools set so complete and cool.Pvoblem with the gevman aevoplanes duving development was the lack of matevial such as ivon and vubbev.0:44 The gear cube is easy as hecc.How many gm norms do you have.Of this is true.Yo no bullshit, when are we going to get a "This is check-mate" shirt line?It melt my brain.

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at 6:57 wouldn't QxF2 have been a better move rather than Rd1.

Mitchell jeevan

Bang narro , tolong bikinkan yang sebanyak banyaknya jebakan , karena saya suka dengan jebang yang video sebelumnya

Frank Costello

'spectators' made me laugh...

Toonyman B. Studios

For 4th riddle the first person or man will be the one who knows his colour or it could be man two but one sees the patterns in front of him2 and 3 using logic you can easily see it that way. This one seems to have a parodox of sort as it can still have two answers. Logic those not have to work in only one way! well that is my deduction anyway! the 2nd man is the winner here.

Eissa Samano


Xxkai chanxX

When you guys screamed I threw my phone in the air thank God it didn't crack

Thomas Hoffman

Killing two birds with one stone is not really messed up considering the saying was more about hunting back in the old days with less tech .

Locust Grenadier

What a good game by Mikhail Tal! He has forced his opponent to give up.


Wow They are f$ing with you and James bad.

Joe Cordero

great video, loved all of it, even watched the additional interview video, thank you so much for showing everyone this!!!! i loved it loads.

Yanuar Abdillah

Harusnya langkah selanjutnya benteng H8 makan pion h5.Bukan makan kuda pasif...Ini posisi udah unggul bgt tinggal matiin raja..Ga perlu repot2 korban gajah buat makan perwira yg masih terkunci


Was the detail in the very top of the lid intended to look like a circle of tiny people holding hands in spread-eagle poses?Or am I just seeing things.

Sunil Aggarwal

Very good video