Dota 2 Auto Chess - Report Kunkka for Trolling - Savjz ft. Amaz, Hafu, Dog

5:30 there is no even water in the toilet.It's fantastic to debunk all the crap my kid watches and tell me about.I have liked and subscribed.I love the idea of separate left and right ones.I'm surprised I don't see any comments about a Magical Mystery Tour.

Hahaha even without the results, you can already tell from his reactions and eyes.Does the pinewood derby have a rule against jet propulsion?Shara Woodshop Diaries.The glass piece set also looks very interesting and its why I clicked on the video.You know in York (UK) there is a 10km path that has the sun at one end and all the planets to scale along the 10km?Kasparov's rook on the h-file reminds me of a similar feat Rybka pulled against Jonny in the computer world championship this year.

I heard you use the phrase "hack-atteck" several

I heard you use the phrase "hack-atteck" several

Having a quintuple isolated pawn structure may not be so bad.I like refurbish old doors and Steve has opened my eyes and mind to do more.18:49 Nc3 wins the queen, if takes its mate, no?5:57 why not Qxe4?Thanks for watching.

Next time magnus you will play better don't

Next time magnus you will play better don't

Most of the technical stuff goes over my head sadly but I still enjoy watching your channel cause you make it fun and interesting to learn.That was too painful to watch.Bravo vous et la meilleure.We learned how to play chess in class, and I beat him, so he challenged me to a rematch.Thank you for the video, Can anyone point me how to add the scripts into unity ?Zach: You're a great friendEugene: I'm gonna fucking kill you.Make one from remake and lapis lazuli.It looks amazing contrast, now I have a very good idea what to do for my personal workbench in home thanks for sharing.Krystal pulled the Chapo card!

I watched two more videos about this game on other channels, but yours is by far the best.In minute 31 why he doesn't take the queen by the rock?27:40 there is someone knocking on the window, you can see their hand move away.Bros before hoes and Loki is trans.This would allow the bishop to pressure the h7 pawn.Rooks in Sicilian usually belong on c-file, where Rxc3 theme to double white's QB pawns and maybe win the king pawn is always a threat.LMAO, suck it poor people!

Im not good tho.Show us a game where Morphy gets destroyed.Thanks for the tutorial.Holy shit, what did THAT cost?And the rain, man, that's sweet :).His videos are true carpentry classes and how to build wonderful utensils so that our woodwork can become potential works of art.I personally like semo gloss for most furniture build but I do use satin and have combo semi amd satin b4 that looked cool.

Don't need a series on this.

Don't need a series on this.

Did it swap duringWW1 overthe argument for and against isolationism?HIKARU is a pleasure to watch you play online and for the opportunity to know the other side of the coin the most relaxed part of the human being greetings from mexico Guadalajara.As a staging point that will include future products, culminating in a small backyard shop, just for woodworking the bench will come first.Softwood ply is the cheapest option, the planks (which I've designed and priced) is the second cheapest, and the hardwood ply is the most expensive.I hold him down he scared for me.

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Super game

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Mana cerita cinta qu yg baru....? dah lama aq tunggu ne..

Robert Lucero who won ??????

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Bless you

Bud Toker

Seems like a chess board could be made from scraps

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Koliko to kota?


CNC ist a nice Friend

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I have been back to this channel and video several times now to see if I have missed any new video. Loved the whole playlist and the set looks beautiful. Wish could had bought a set like that. Looking forward for the last video and keep up the good workFurthermore, if you ever decide to make another chess set I recommend trying your hands making a Chavet chess set from early 1990s. They were back then used in world championship matches and are quite popular and sought after by chess players and fans. Plus I love that set :D

Ramakrishna Vada

To me..... this is childish play.

G man

Woww!!........Just incredible!

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Excellent video!Thanks!


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