Dota 2 Auto Chess - Bomb Hard Carry - Savjz ft. Hafu, Dog

ReyDama send me here!Obtained it Rochester chess center, NYI believe the originals came in two versions, black and brown, then the more attractive colored versions come in green, and I've also seen blue.Can you make some chess tutorials or something of the sort?According to you, we should not buy anything.Sure, there were a couple zingers, but he attempts to be funny in practically every sentence.Poor Laurent, too weak, too slow.5:20 the Petrosian game is from the 1957 USSR Championship, featuring an exchange sacrifice by Iron Tigran:.

SuggestionConsider streaming (Twitch perhaps) your viewing and reaction to the tiebreak games live.Biased complaints of panic maker.Spirit boards can summon demons but they were made for talking to ghost.I wish they make emily vs stephen episode.

Tim hortons is awesome.

Tim hortons is awesome.

This is the chemistry Santa.The video2000 seemed very good format, a shame that was not famous, my grandfather had a 2000 video.I highly doubt a fucking swing caused him to go on a killing rampage lol.Your concise and insightful commentary is rapidly making you my favorite chess analyst on Youtube.Thank you for bring this history to us!I watched her play last at one of the National Tournaments I myself was playing in.If they take the bait.

Foreground Brushes.They also forgot to talk about stalemate and the enpassant.Top-notch refresher!GM Svidler, you are a class act.Because I AM eviLLiLiAnn.Great science, great animation, easily one of the best channels on YouTube.Thanks for the cool vid!

You talk to people?

You talk to people?

18 inches high so being able to adjust it for the job is important.Oven me bnayge tb hi esa hi bnega ky.Haha his jokes and that interviewer whooooooosh.Five tenths precision is astounding on a part that big and a machine that old.What a time to be alive!Really, when measured, it can only be either 1 or 0.15,000 infected in Iran?This video is extremely unimpressive, given the purported aim of the title.

For example, he repeats how black

For example, he repeats how black

Such a masterpiece.WD-40 is better than water with the wet-dry paper on metal.Perfect analog of battle."SHARED" ON GAB.Kahit senior citizen, dala nila sa pag mamahal nilang taglayat makakaramdam ka rin ng pagmamahal.Pure skills and awesomeness - good job Sir.LinDan Jp vs LeeCwei China.Now this is something new :D.Thank you once again for a very good lesson.

Can anyone confirm the identity?All this "CLOUD BASED" printing is a HUGE liability for intellectual property theft and industrial espionage.Good video with good explanation.We don't care about his childhood history.I'm still not clear on who some of the stuff belongs to.Hi, I'm Matthew I like play the chess and I search something in YouTube video about how make the chessboard, I like see this video but I notice that you've been made that, I like it.The song starting at 14:17 sounds like a TTC beat.Luckly you won on time.Uber Eats backpack?Gadir Guseinov was dying in the background at the end of the video.

For iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices.

For iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices.

Too bad he lost, I've got high hopes in the middle game.More bullet chess games by Magnus Carlsen can be viewed here:.I know this is late, but your thumbnails are brilliant.Hi Thomas, I couldn't find the video that you share a nice trick about the texture compression.Can i use the poweder of red color.

Gray foxxx

W!$!K!0U D!$

terry alires

Can't hear anything with the music playing and your heavy breathing Into the camera

Phil o'Macc

Incredible. Equal material .. Black has 4 pawn islands, 3 of them isolated.. White two perfect clusters of 3 pawns yet Carlsen grinds out the win ..amazing technique

Joshua Hilton

Totally agree. The Brad's JS course one of the best courses that I've found so far. Highly recommended.

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Lol. As a German I'm feeling exhausted by people criticizing Linus for his behaviour. It's a v different culture than English speaking oneslike UK, US. For us truth is respect. Phony politeness without meaning it- well, phony. Off putting. Creating distrust even at times.Critism helps grow. Blunt critism when talking to a person you haveno other relation to except through tec is fine. It's not like Linus is walking down the street insulting random people. He gives feedback, unmasked and sometimes unasked. German, Polish, Russian, French , Italian. .... even Chinese- none would ever have a problem with this. Maybe what's the problem is a lack of understanding of different cultures and mindsets coming from different angles. And for that I can only encourage traveling and living in non English speaking countries for those with English as their first language. I'm certain that would massively help understand.

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I like it!It would be better, if you do a 3-5min game for education. But it doesn't matter if you don't. Love your funny comments.

Elizabeth McBain

Eversinceistartedwatchingyour videosi beenseeingthings

Advaith 7ZZ7

always waiting for THEN HE' S GONE

Shabeer DFA


Ronald Beazley



Just came to check this puzzle out. Your voice is awful though. So bad. Intonation, pronunciation, all over the shop. Dreadful.


comcast gambit lol

Max Meenan

Just don't hit the battery


It's amazing that Matt had never heard of the Parker Square when he made this video.

Prettylittlecakes rakhee

How much is 1 cup 200 ml or 240 ml

Jon Heikkinen

7:42 why doesn't queen take rook?

Get Me Out of Here

Hi Steve, would you cover some tips how to level chairs legsin this case stool legs.I’ve seen some using the table saw but that technique seems aggressive and imprecise in my opinion. There has to be a simpler way.Thanks!

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Jamie : "best place to hide is in plain sight."Danny: "........ I have an idea"


Happy Birthday as it is never too late to congratulate! Pretty nice piece of fine art but very expensive! The magic of chess operates upon the cheapest chess board ... I would rather prefer to plan on a mundane chessboard as I might be distracted by the finery/preciosity of an high-end one ... It is of course my own opinion!

Balzs Rcz

Completely useless tutorial for a beginner. I came here after Brackeys begginer tutorial to get more experience in the basic stuff, and the only thing I got is annoyed. In the video you just do your stuff, never explain it why you do that. From your tutorial, sure people can make a game, if they can follow the speed, and copy everything, but they won't be able to make it again, or make a similar game. I think these tutorials should be more about the explaining, than about the game itself. A simple game like snake is a good example, on which you could show how it's done, but if you skip the explaining part, I don't think it's worth the time to copy it. For beginners I recommend to watch Brackeys first game tutorial (if you haven't already).

Izayoii Games

Is this 2 brain vs 1 brain or 1 brain vs 1 brain??

Laercio Cruvinel

The lack of combativity, fighting and wish to win of both players is frustating. Modern chess engines certainly have a parcel of guilty here.

Joe Black

I just start playing that with my 8weeks old son...and He get emotional doing crying face...than stopped..again..and tears in his little eyes was just few minutes ago, I got emotional too. What a beautiful moment. I love each part of the movie and music as well, I thought long ago it was touching and unique..and it is for my son too .

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CNC Machining gives me a hard on

Sangee Nair

Its not pronunced as pissa its pitzaa..

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They really need to have this guy back

Piero Locatelli

1:15:42 gh wins