Disguised Toast tries CHESS RUSH | #sponsored

Can we use big displayin LED MATRIX SCREENING TEXT.I'll be using those woods in a board soon !THUMBS UP,BRILLIANT.

Says it all my friend.Wow so much knowledge.God I miss Obama."If you have the right friends".5:36 If magnus moved his castle all the way to the left he could have trapped Boris' queen.I have it set up like this: direction.Very fast video.

15:48 Why cant the G7 pawn capture the bishop on H6?I thought it was breath mist but as they talked they had no air mist.But only if you turn the sound off.Wheres my prize.That seems viable.

Zach be like: He's a

Zach be like: He's a

How many question marks in the chess notation for that move?I notice air pockets in several of your pieces.But the interviewer is so disturbingly beautiful that it was difficult to concentrate on Karpov ).Awesome Skills Awesome ShopAwesome Family.Jersulem is not there capital city.5:30 black is sacrificing?Mantab bang, auto win pake strategi gini lawan temen hahahaha.

Paul Samarin

What would that cutting board sell for?Thanks.

Emily Alexander Mahone

Why is everybody saying the 90s?

Raavana Creation

nice and very joyful i like it

Gary H

Rock and Roll part 2. That's quite honestly the biggest rock anthem of all time. But for reasons we all know, its no longer played.