Dirty Chess Tricks 33 (Carlsen's Trick Vs Sicilian Kan/Hedgehog)

At 5:59 Carlson moves King to C7 to not give his rook activity.Daily dose of Danny.Oh dear lord it hit my belly im now afraid of the saw.I wish I knew this before!REMY MA KNOWS MORE ABOUT BOXING THAN JOE BUDDEN,JINX EBONY K.Was there anything you did to assure that the markings on the dial correspond to actual diameters, when the dial is rotated at some angle?This video must be sponsored by Vimto.

All this time all the hoodie guys were in fact :Agad!Excellent video.Am learning a lot from you.RB still here just gotta search hard to find em.It's not funny when the first thing out of the guy's mouth shows that he knows exactly who he's playing against.C o m, search in Google with-out spaces is also doing very well for me.Thumbnail looks like tree of life.

Old ass bastered.

Old ass bastered.

Teacher: The question says WHY is it true.Made my wooden pipe 10 years ago,it doesn't mater-40 or 40 it works and no way that will break or crack,made from push broom handle taken from garbage bin.Had anyone ever told you that you sound exactly like Adam Scott?Who else saw the aww yeah at konexi.The smaller the font, the better that it looks, as the characters look more and more like pixels in a graphic.Awesome deliver hoskta ha mon ma pani agay.Very cool project.

Winning position for sure, but not

Winning position for sure, but not

We missed you very long time.I make money selling my own products on Walmart website it's more investment but the profit is higher.I'd say useless, but awesome!Fire the cameraman.Officially dead.How does it call the machine that pierces itself?Salute, carpenters!And obviously these can be made with ANY number of sides greater than 2.

I would like to see him carve a

I would like to see him carve a

The retro on the iphone and the pencil are my favorite.Tal is supernatural.Really bad acting.Aggressive anand is the best.7:50 haha nice, well done :).You have a new subscriber.Just found the series and you're doing a great job teaching!Such a nice work done there But: Why do you have such a big filter on your mouth?

Bin atpishaties ar savam jobpmatj reklamam.In which software you have to do.So Judaism and Hinduism are the base games, and Christianity, Islam, and Buddhism are DLC expansions?World champion in chess, and maybe the worst webcam handling ever.I don't know how but I always fall on sleep when I'm watching ur videos probably u talk,explain well.Thank you very much,Wayne .1:28:16 blunder of game.

26:47 hit me

26:47 hit me

Hello there Agadmator.Well done clever.Alexander Pichuskin: Hey CIA!This would only prove that Bob wins though, didn't exactly provide a strategy for him.But how big should it be, as the foreground is moving faster I can't have the bounding box cover the whole ground the player is walking on.Make your shellac with the 90% Everclear (if you can get it in your State) - it's much easier on the senses than denatured alcohol.Extremely strong game by Capa!

Oldschool Cyborg

Skip to 9:38.

Hoony K.

As a player of low rank, sometimes Carlson sounds arrogant. Seeing someone commentate side by side made me realize hes just absolutely correct

Rob Wilson

I guess Ron wasnt cast when they did that cover art for the first movie lol

Stackbe Ontopofeverything

URLis not a corporation stop it...its a small company

Rene' Jantz

I have ton red bricks covered in mud needing picked up, dug up. They have 3 holes, curious hiw ell that would wirk. Im going to dig up and test. Not wait until emergency to find out! Thank you all very much. Thinking not fit tight. Ill let tell y'all know how well this goes.

Rehana Khatun

Aaifa khan



Dan ish

Which tool?


I really like your hand filing technique.Steady, aimed, deliberate strokes. Nice.Great project as they all are.

Jackson John Jones

11:20 it just sounds like the lottery

Haram Khor

Who won this?