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Ok, we didn't get the proof of why lines transform into circles,but I feel that I've learnt something new nonetheless.Man, so glad to see you guys making more videos!Afrikaans is lka.Fun fact, with three colors, the limit would be at least 23475.How does this compare to an i5 4200u or similar used pc around this price?

The result is magnificent.I mean you are playing a guy 300 points lower and moreover he's blundering a whole Queen!If you look at the timing where magnus s time went to zero while his opponent s time went to 0.It seems like there was a lot of game left to play with a knight and a bishop still in it.Did you win the 10k?Should be called MiCraft.Y la reina 10 wtf.Subject konchem kastam ga undhi.Great job buddy.

Well done and

Well done and

I doubt i will be able to code like you even when I retire!OOOoOOoOOOOOooooo NooOooOOOOoo.I swear those who talk the most are the worst players.But watching this game played out reinforced my opinion that blitz chess, bullet chess, played in in-person tournaments is just an inferior form of the game.Even though it converges to 1 as x approaches - 0 (real plane), 8:53 as x approaches 0 from any path on the imaginary plane, xx does not converge to 1.Chest Don't deserve k shinecome on I know smack and now clearly champion trying to push chest but at the end of the day he had his chance to elevate and he choked he couldn't so nothing with jjdd so what is he gonna do with shine.The apple doesn't fall far from the tree.That might be worth a look.What a disrespect to all those grandmasters, fun player!

You can pin

You can pin

Love your creativity from Australia What is the make and model of your lathe please?Can you please eloberate Laplace transform as well?Thousandth comment.Hey Nick well done!Nh6 What was wrong with 21.Finally a tape meter with centimeters, yey.3:26 how i look when i leave a piece hanging.I have an odd question though: what was the large, dual socket server motherboard (at 1:15) originally from?Considering there are filaments on sale (Inc "Premium") made not to 1.

Visit nepal 2020.Here you remember the final standings of the 1969 US Championship.Shame, as older houses tend to do, it had later on issues with pits in the yard, water pooling up in them, and leaking into the basement, and foliage growing all over.But yeah, Magnus still winning.Seriously this is really cool!


I’ll admit I love mathematics and this channel but I don’t know much about it academically, so when he said x0 = 1 and 0x = 0, I was expecting him to say 00 equals 1/2 lol


Is this ownagepranks??!


At 13:35 what if black plays d7-d5 counterattacking our bishop?

Sanjeev S.S

Soak in the position. Lol this guy is a damn funny

Diana Lee

I guess this won't be a popular opinion, but i prefer the old square glasses, Brett. They look much better. These round ones are cute for a joke and i sure hope that's what they are, coz don't they look a bit small? But if you like these round glasses, Brett, then wear them with pride and give us time to get used to them! Coz we'll love you anyway

Pirate's Piggy

5:55 the trolls of the 20th century

heather carter

That is a scary place I’m surprised you went back I wouldn’t have but then I’m not a paranormal investigator.. lol I enjoy your videos Patty your a very brave woman. And you inspire me to be more brave . I sure couldn’t do what y’all do that’s for sure . Praying for everyone to be safe on y’all adventures. Y’all should come to Galveston a lot of haunted places down here .

Abdullatif Ebrahim

Cid moosa good movie

Diane [redacted]

Wow! Can’t believe you went undefeated in a 2 hour bullet tournament against grandmaster and international masters. You swept away the tournament, taking first by over 60 points! Truly an absolute legend, Jerry <3

Craig Germail

I wish that after you ask us to solve a puzzle, you would give the solution.


Your dog has the most relaxed life on that sofa.

Mega Mix

Outstanding work. Fantastic to watch. Many thanks