DGA Plays: Spore (Ep. 1 - Gameplay / Let's Play)

Anu name ng gumanap?Thanks for your great coverage and commentary.Please convert the measurements into Freedom Units so we know what you are talking about.Love that you're not boring like others, from a completeamateur.What the hell made those holes in the ceiling.

This is why God took the form of a man, Jesus Christ, and died as a sacrifice for your sins on a cross.And this is tals thought process as a great attacker himself.I'm an expert with the USCF and I've been teaching chess for over 10 years.I'm so proud of her.Com domain for 3D Printers company.I have rarely seen such a realistic model.Meanwhile we now have Trump who would have difficulty pronouncing the word Pluto.

5 speed is barely fast enough.Good another mexican champ.This is the coolest check mate ever :)) rocade check mate !3:32 what if he plays bishop to c4 insted of b3 thus he ll also have protection for thequeen.You are not Igor!So I'm just not sure.Well I just found out a new way to pronounce miraculous.Jerry is 100% a android user.Nf6 is my favorite scandi line.

A video you made on how to

A video you made on how to

The thing you find "charming", a song being split between two tracks was a deal breaker for me, I like to hear a song from beginning to end uninterrupted.I love the point of this Video so much.That's awesome man.I dub thee "Death of Pizza"?Most players I find wouldn't go for this as they normally see 5.Coming from a different game background, It's always cool to see other games expand and grow.You need to believe me on this, I have a lot of experience in terms of websites that guarantee to give out a lot of cash and survey jobs and in the end, I obtained so little.Fancy Titebound III has a 20 minute open time.

Nice game and

Nice game and

Also how am I supposed to find someone that knows the Language that will all the things he said, this seems like for very specific people.Is pawn to E4 a nice move here?Huntington Beach Ca.Lc u nu m trng n m en thi sao nh.I'd say it belongs to a different type of fastening system, the bolt being the male component which requires a corresponding female component, that being either a nut or material with preformed (tapped) threads.He woke me up around the 20min mark.I'm beyond amazed at how his mind works.When you said "im gonna take the buff" i thot youre going to take it from Irithel.You're the bestbelieve meyou arewhy don't you believe me?

Both are great but second looks the part.That is so cool, you are a clever man.Guy is a gold mine of this type of.Dyrotth has always been my favourite hero.Anyways, amazing performance Eric!Because your hands are priceless and irreplaceable.Why not RxD4 at 12:24 to distract the knight or simply just winning a pawn if he doesnt take?Hello, "One Night in Bangkok" is FROM THAT!The stone is featured in HPLs tale called the Haunter of the Dark.

I really enjoyed it.What was the problem - at 6:40 - with black to move - rook d8 x pawnd4- threatening both queen and bishop?:) Happy new year MatoJelic.The idea is very innovative but definitely costs a lot of money compared to industrial products marketed."as it says: "can't win 'em all""wait, what.Beautiful tutorial.Thanks for the great video.But now my problem is.Very very impressive !As I suspected, completely unwatchable due to the yammering.

10:32 missing push the timer :-).

10:32 missing push the timer :-).

Massive amounts of fun.I really enjoyed this video.EDIT: jk mate we all choke.Come on yal' (Clap clap clap clap clap clap).Now what do you play here.Would be great see a game in this board.I've got some hand saws, files a speed square and chiseled.Aurora I can freez you all.

Sinister Highwayman

I use to wish as a child so badly for a letter to appear at my door, even so that I used to wish for Voldemort to take me away from my family. I didn't care about how I got there, as long as I was there. The true magic wasn't the spells or the creatures, it was the memories we made along the way.

Kirill Lite

incredible, just a master

Dariusz Bielak

zniszcz pieprzone reklamy

Izzy Bolden



I weld with one of these everyday, and what really makes these easier to live with is a foot pedal control for speed.


where is this at? does this cheater still hang out and play there?id like to talk to him and show him this video and anyone who plays him.

paul james

I would love to see Magnus play against the early chess programs like fritz 1 to 5 and maybe some of the later ones like he does on play magnus

Eindhov Hoven

Most common phrase: IS IT BETTER?


I don't want to be rude but those dogs are kind of gross looking.


You were destroyed, not the opening

Appu Paul

30:04 Chirich Chath

Alexander Lopez


botutuy gaming

nakaw mo laro ko ahh d mo man lang sinabe boss yung moskov vs karrie 1v1 akon yun ehh

Douglas Titchmarsh

Surprisingly effective, if somewhat overpriced back in the day.

Jonathan Garzon

You completely ignore that it was the Democratic party north and south who wanted to keep slavery and Republicans who were against it

Daniel Sell

Actually, I must ask. How long did you take to make this piece? Its looks really complex, and your attention to detail is uncanny, the video depicts real elbow grease.

Manuel Odabashian

"Chess is not a game it is a well defined form of computation" John von neumann

asaf attia

What a ridicules proof, i bet the original proof was difrent than just saying you cant doaninfinat amout of moves.