DGA Plays: Mito (Ep. 1 - Gameplay / Let's Play)

Anything wrong with black playing e5 at 2:11?Wow very nice work!1938 that before the World War 2 so chess was longer than that wow!Me: uh ohthat's a reallygood move they just did.Add my mother to it.

Like Please up load more videos.The advice to use tape on the drill bit to know when to stop is enough for me to subscribe.Overall this has been an incredibly informative video giving us an aspiring view of the world's different, diverse and unique religions.

Eddy playing the violin with a towel is still better than me.Problem:You need $10,000 worth of machinery to make the $200 bench!Aa madamtinde real name.Is demon a girl.The epoxy is not FDA approved for food contact, but boards preordered will be sealed with a food safe finish that’s fine for food contact.Even for international flights leaving the DC area andor even on busy times of the year like Thanksgiving eve or X-Mas eve.You should try the worlds smallest SMARTphone.What about second queen, and no more queen pieces available?

Enjoyable game with two great players

Enjoyable game with two great players

Are you a comedian or GM?" Ben Finegold - 2112019.The third on I saw it as 1123549 like if you did to.What’s inside dan’s finger!Were is call of duty modern warfare 1,2,3,the waking dead 1,2,3,4,life is strange.Great video, I thoroughly enjoyed it.What's the dimensions?DON’T HIT THE BATTERY!Hinnty q talaga ang storya ng buhy nlaang idol q p naging zacs yeheeee,grabe iyak q sa storya ng love life nlamhina ang idol qgive up nya pmlya nya.Keren langkah master adik sayang.

This is the

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The lathe scares the hell out me.And love Magnus cheeky smile at 44:34.They did so much over this years.I sware Matt use to have a channel that said he had a ghost in his house.Thistime i am going to spot his mistakeandoffend him.I REALLY ENJOYED YOUR CHANNEL THANK YOU VERY MUCH RESPECTFULLY AND WITH ADMIRATION JAMES R MASON BIG RIVER,CALIFORNIA.Anand ages like fine wine.All kidding aside, sans-beard looks great.When he asks us to pause.No clickbait, ben is not in the thumbnail.

I'm intrigued with how you ended up with just three corners, though!Then all terms in the equation must have the same unity of kgm2.3:37 th vua ln e3 th sao ?Thought-provoking - love it!They set him out on a life of paranoia and were totally responsible for all that followed.

White was actually winning.Better chess lessons?Can someone smarter than please explain to me why at 19:47 king doest capture the rook but instead pawn h2?Are you indeed Russian.Comecast gambit?Interesting piece,there was many,many steps in this build that i think u could have performed different that would have given u better results and saved time, I bet u were a little concerned when I chose to make those 32nd inch thick cuts wedges to fill them with.Thanks dude, before watching your video i was overwhelmed about the idea of learning a new framework.I'd love to spend a day in your shop just learning as much as possible.

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Linus, you cannot have a penguin without a gnu!

Jessica S

With 2 million views I think they might be doing this again.

Giorgianni Cartamancini

I don't understand a word of German, but watched anyway for the amazing job

S J S Creations

I have no idea how you came up with this, but it is very creative and stunning. Congrats!Cheers, Sean

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Ben Robins


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Generally, it's more difficult playing black.

Jay Harrison

You know this video is old when his Top Donation is only $40

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Is this guy on speed? ???


So its tft

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"C U next Sunday"... locks the doors


why so slow with the queen? i suggest you to make the move with the queen faster. just saying. p.s. you're cheating with those arrows-))))))

Hamster muffin

I loved this diorama and how much tho it and times was put into this made me feel like I could do any thing so I went and bought a diorama and made it so now when my friend ask why did you make that all I have to say is a true artist inspired me

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Nicely done.

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Your answer number one is wrong. The laptop or what ever it was changed in size and therefor can not be assumed to be the same. The correct answer would be the laptop plus 40. If one more book was added to the stack it would be different and could not be equated . If we were talking TV's a 52 inch is not the same as a 32 inch.

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liar's statements are sometimes too detailed.

Art K

29:41 I just lost it

Indiramma Devaram

Great job

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I think you missed something important about the difference between Windows and Linux file systems.The Windows file system is a representation of the real partition and file structure, the Linux file system does not represent the real structure. It is just virtual. You can't see just by looking at the folders if /home is on the same partition or has its own partition.That's what confuses me a long time when I switched from Windows to Linux and that's what you don't explain in your video

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Shocking: 5th row is impossible but 6th is.