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Best chess channel.You are the best!"The perfect rules of modern chess" not in ultimate condition.Pawn is a Monster.May his victims find eternal peace in the kingdom of God.Robertson's burial site is just up the road from me.How can i change lichess to this black theme ?

What could you put under x ifx square

What could you put under x ifx square

Exquisite craftsmanship, a treat to watch.This was very helpful.MCurrentPiece this".I'm going to make mine the same way you did.I suppose they thought that would be enough exposure to justify the branding.I'made skull with cholkBut your trick is good.He discovered this when he was 2000?Then as you count out the cards up to their chosen number just pause before turning it and ask was it the 5 of hearts?Architectonic ""QualitieS"".The sounds make it funny.

How will we know that we aren't ben finegold now if he doesn't tell us that we're not.This is awsome work!But it's also not too fast.And it's indeed very true that when Mikhail tal starts attacking then he's just unstoppable.Woooww keren banget.

This is amazing content!The bishop would wait for the pawns to advance and then pick off one of them when the opportunity came to leave black with a rook pawn.What did Karen say at the end?Women are so bad at chess, they had to make a separate division for them.It's supposed to be so perfect and pleasurable (like being inside joy), Guinan basically has PTSD trying to forget it, and Soran plots mass murder for decades just to return, and yet Picard becomes disillusioned within minutes, and Kirk becomes bored after jumping a single ditch with a horse.Roddy Rich is social!For some reason I always hope for Carlsen losing.Just get em cracked.

Ken Strain

What do these guys typically play for?


Now that’s amazing!I was getting tired of watching the basic vase or bowl.Dinosaur eggs are way overdone.I guess that’s what makes you a woodworker instead of a turner.Excellent job.

Grand Moff Tarkin

This helped a lot. Many thanks.

Nick Beqo

Thank you for the instructive comments during the games! At the end of each game, could you please go over the critical moments and main mistakes? Much appreciated!

Lil' Peppa Raps

Wow thx bc i always fall for that stalemate stuff and hen we draw so nexg time ill beag him and hell cry

Chen 2X

Wife : Dear, i think we need upgrades on our houseHusband : Hold my paper clip

Christopher Frost

Very cool! Love it

Flash Gordon

sheer madness.

neal walden

Brilliant.Really!Blows my mind.You are quite a sharp fellow!


Explanation: we want to prove the game is impossible.Step 1) conspiracy theories on the total sum of the squareStep 2) discovering the deep algorithm inside the gameStep 3) say "the game is infinite, so it must be impossible"

Pavel Ernesto Navarro Guerrero

Ivanchuk is a f superstar!!!!! Just starting the video and you will seeing him stirring the tea on his cup. I love this guy!!

Shashi Subbiah

Me skips adsMe again: watches 15 mins of adsMe:disipointed

Michael Jacobs

Haha, that end editing. Super strong coffee table :D

Indigenous Indigo

Disciplinary action? Like a child

HaCkEr T dOg

I epolum e cinema yan cedockombol vetchum yan cedockila


Ravunni Poli sanam myre........

Abhijit K

suggestionding liren lost first time in 15 months..please cover that match


Its 12:05 AM at our time, watching

John Frusciante

When mommy doesn't buy you what you want in the toy store5:45


Good boy