Destroying the Beginner's chess Trick - Scholar's or Four move checkmate

Great to see that you are making opening videos again.Create some drama.Man, I have both about a million D4s laying around, and a dry erase battle-map with a grid on it.However, the substitution changes the degree of the equation from 2 to 3.Holy crap, these people have descendents out there that may be procreating.Got one of em right second time was Queen of hearts.

I m very genius because

I m very genius because

Copper lining all the boards lines would have covered this flaw I'll add brightened the whole board with your copper inlay notion.Looks like you just made it all up.True definition of a smurf :D.It's definitely not completely thorough, but maybe Nxf7 doesn't work because:15 Nxf7 Qb6, with threats against the white king.Just watched the latest lie detector test video and came here right back again.The River I like puns.Been crushing grandmasters since they’ve existed lolol.You know when Marcus says: "not sure how to justify It, but it just feels good" that his opponent has no chance.Jediking12 Heck ya it should!When he says hardwood, I take he is just talking about wood that is hard, and not ACTUAL hardwood.

-but he obviously doesn't understand

-but he obviously doesn't understand

Is the king pedo?Your videos are just amazing!I like the alarm clock music player!Who knows the real ages of these Chinese players?In the first equation he uses only (8) 1's which equal (0) --the second equation he uses (9) 1's that that would of course equal 1 more 1 than (0) 1's 1-11-11-11-101-11-11-11-111.What's inside what's inside?Whatafat quien gano.They look like coffee color, which is elegant.

I can't say

I can't say

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Eyal Revah

if you are changing B is b/a in the formula at the start of the video its just the normal quadratic formula... but for certain numbers it could be really nice to use

Darth Araneus

I've always believed that the difference between a beginner and a (grand)master was mostly a mix of training, knowledge, and experience. I clearly have underestimated the power of qualities like boldness and imagination. For these games, I was not able to guess ANY of the final strategies used by Magnus, before they were presented by GM Williams. Not a one. In Star Trek terms, if Magnus Carlsen was a Q, then I would be.....a red shirt.


28:56 Can't white checkmate faster via Bh6, Nxh6, Qf7Someone please explain cause I don't think I missed anything so why would Morphy not go for the quicker mate?

Random Brown Guy

I have turned off takebacks, because people just blunder pieces and start a tantrum if you dont accept the takeback.

antonios chrisberg

gosh glad it was recommended.. inspirational!

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I cant believe i clicked the ad

boyet fuerte

We'll all I can say sir it's a brilliant game between 2 GM. Good game

Nico zandhuis

Lil bit of a chess noob, but what happened at 1:06?Edit: typos


21:00 is a method found in Dvoretsky's endgame manual!