Desafio do Amador Vs Magnus Carlsen | #GrandesPartidas

I feel teased by the Evan’s Gambit everytime :(.To play chess well is a sign of a wasted life".You are so so so so so socreative.I like this too!) however if only they valued all life as they valued their comrades and actually gave a shit perhaps thered be women alive who were murdered as children, that to me is the sad part of this whole story.I wish I could do that.

He’s too clean with it.Anh ra video sm vl.Well you do nice job but too bad you didn't let us see how the bore is running while you indicated OD, you made major mistake by doing ID first as this is always done last,and there's a reason for it as when you finish OD last you might not notice if the piece moved on you, i always face first,rough ID then rough and finish OD and then finish bore and last.4 equivalent smoothing plane by buck brothers that has proper adjusters on it and is only 10 dollars more expensive.YOU'RE A RUSSIAN SPY.(paaaaaaaaaaause) he failed!

So basically any two cards are good to play.So how do I apply this ?Maurice, if we ever get a black world champion.Where did you get this pic from?At 0:36dose anyone see a lady figure behind Omar.Rook to B6 (white) would of been a good idea?I know bullet is hard, but that seems like something Eric shouldn't have missed.

Who thought up this naming system?" Love you Simon!Ifyou do sacrifice her at this point it's probably for destroying opponents queen, bishop or knight.Ahhh, the faithful and reliable Gravity clamp!I done this with only two moves.On the 8 by 8, to find the nuber of open tours, wouldn't you just find the number of possible tours and then subtract the number of closed ones?

07:02, end of the game,

07:02, end of the game,

Aisi tesi kr deta game ki bol bol k.Thease can be made any size and with extreme accuracy!Your a sick puppy I love it.Lol love how you comment about how noisy it is.The following game was thought amazingly original in its day though it is said that Fischer got the idea of his planstarting with 13 kh1 and then Rg1 and g4etc from this game.Why pressure and not a vacuum?I’ve already moved on from Math.

Philips, Queen of media.

Philips, Queen of media.

Trump is saying its under control to make sure theres not a panic, what do you want are president to say "were all ganna die!Is it okay if i used.I thought it was a little fussy (if fussy is the right word?:) Excellent introduction of two Rooks onto these 2 files.This is really alot alot of sugar!What's tight music?"Clear in the first.

If we treated

If we treated

With no book or engine or online game he played like this.I have access to a CAD software called CREO and I could potentially recreate these models in a nice and neat CAD design for you in the future.This is some kind of superhuman genius.Idk New England Patriots vs a random high school team seems like it would be pretty entertaining to me.Didnt girichuk gave a check in the end but still the black played the rook.ToT can you do a video like a shop tour, going over what equipment you have?Love from Sweden.

I am an abstract artist!That was a great video and a great project!4:13 he can move his rook and give space to king.I was able to get away with a 14" thickness on the walnut.Present situation in equilibrium of poverty state of mind.

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Ficou estranha na moral


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Kalau kuda musuh makan kuda kita yang D4 gagal donk trap nya?


So your not seen the new channel of elgin...because your not a true fan

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Good job

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Could anyone tell me to paris song title?

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17:22 sorry it's whites move and king has a square to escape


What are they writing down?

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This is really a great video!


4:13 you cant play f3 cause knight will fork queen and rook