Dekatron and Nixie Tube Clock

Might have to try this Buffy thing out.The taste of a liar, giorno giovanna.I can tell you enjoy what you do.Wow this is crazy, im too stupid for chess thats for sure.For the very best in the world to challenge ALL COMERS and put on display for all the world to see is just ASTOUNDING.Vishy's grace is a class apart.Please add more there nothing to do i beat all of the bosses.Shut the fuck up with the ads.

Iss move ka nam kya hai bro.SuggestionTal vs N.My opponent has taken his piece back to his side.I Guess Vat19 Is Better than Flex Tape In 10:11.Thanks for these vedios.

Ad cho em xin link ti phn

Ad cho em xin link ti phn

What watch is Naka rocking?OMG, your friend has the beautiful eyes with full lashes and thick eyebrow, green olive eyes, right?I'm good at chess, but terrible at speed chess.Brings back great memories listening on an early Sony Walkman.-How Many Tactics Can You Squeeze in One Game?05 trng ly hu bt ma thi ht c ri.Please upload more videos on tips for beginners in manual programming.I am also a child from India and I also want to have a software engineer in India.

That's some pathetic

That's some pathetic

Ann Reardon is a true treasure for Youtube.I’m Forensic medicine student.Pi is transcendental!Beautifully done from start to finish.Carlsen is amazing.Do you make cues for ppl.It took me so long to find music to study to that wouldn't be interrupted by ad breaks!

Tyler Sullivan

$TulersullivqnCash app, been looking for a way to catch up on my bills after being laid off anything helps a lot an much appreciated anyone that helps me will be getting it back once im out this tough spot

IceBlaze - AutoChess

How did you get the number of closed tours to be 26,534,728,821,064?

James Kilworth

As good as he is, it's amazing that there are better players than him walking the planet.


Are you looking at the digit right of the leftmost "1"? Should be the one left of the rightmost "1".Your script does a lookup for most folds, -a[b-i]. The fold at place b-i most likely originated from a lookup too.a[9] = -a[7] = a[1], and a[5] = -a[3] = a[1]. Given a[1] = 1, we knowa[1] = 1 01a[3] = -1 11a[5] = 1 101a[7] = -1 111a[9] = 1 1001This alternates.If you (or anyone else) would like it, I'll explain the whole thing on my site, or somewhere else without 500 char limit.

Jessica Jes

I saw this movie in Kannada.. John Johnny janardhan kannadamovie

Dan Kitterman

Have been wanting parallel clamps, but didn't see the need related to cost of them. But might decide to make them with your plans, Thank you.

Bob Marley

Excellent presentation dude!!!!!

Rachel H

Love the purple tie. Very classy look, Rob.


I heard this guy streams on Twitch as the PAWNER.

Mary Delamarter

I love these vidios,the serial killers house.i love the house it's to bad people are restoring it.

Kalimba kuliner Kuliner kalimba

It's great, I like it. However, in my opinion, you put too many tentacles (and also) too long. I mean, considering the base, which I think it's relatively too small. And in my opinion, it makes the jellyfish doesn't look very good. Maybe if you had made the base a bit bigger, it can help to "fix" the jellyfish's appearance.

Arkady Bron

That's the first time I've seen anyone nail on a veneer. :-D

Aqif Chess

Move a pawn 1 block ahead and it beutiful check mate

Glen Everett

I know this video was about saws, but with a cheap circular saw and fence and a router, that uses the same fence, you can make the majority of projects that most home owner and entry level cabnet maker would want to make. I'm not saying that you would actually want to build a full kitchen with those 2 tools as your only option, but you could do it. I've made so many projects using those 3 bits of kit over the years, and to be honest, until I started watching loads of YouTube I had never even contemplated using a power saw to make a dado and have always used a router. The big drawback is speed. With the bigger and more complex kit comes speed. If you have more time then money, go with the simple kit, if it's the other way round, it's time to start shopping!

Manuel Odabashian

He should have made space for his bishop

Edi W

Carlsen should joined too. It will be honor for everyone player.


Superb chess video format!

Rimple Kataria

Can we made small cake of 200 gm....Then all the ingredients would be half? Is it right? Plz help me


It is possible if you try it with three dimensions.

natsagpurev dagvadorj

that guitar part actually ruined the vibe of the video

Snowy Penguin

Did this against a computer on lowest difficulty. Lost 3 times