DC Comics Chessboard Battle

Jesus Christ died for your sins on a cross and rose again after three days.Why you write the moves down?You must be so happy that you decided to add the extra channels around the outside.Fischer made Addison look like a low rank player.Disfunctioning family should not be allowed to produce kids at all.Great game considering how quickly it was played!

But on to the game: Nigel plays a nonsensical opening which is pretty much losing after two or three moves.I love that it's mostly silent, allowing the machine sound to shine through and bringing the viewers focus onto the small details that are going into each piece.Fantastic looking guitar, but I'm just as impressed by the ingenious jigs you guys have developed.

I skipped the

I skipped the

I learned a trade that you did wonderfully.But impossibe to ask all of them lol.There is a a smaller phone that is a cm bigger than a sd card.1p 7 m n ko n tt n v th sao.You are the perfect woodmaker to marry with.

Thank you very much for the tutorial.

Thank you very much for the tutorial.

He’s the one pretending to be something other than what he is.1982 pennies have tin core.Then when your opponent makes a move you will be notified and can go back to the game fairly easily.How do the knight move.BUT he literally always sasy don't block in your bishops and then when he puts a knight in front of a bishop he's like, "Good development, good development.Plz tell who is bst among mikhailtal,anatoly karpov and emanuel lasker.1:36:04 "Important not to blunder anything here.

Agad, where do you get all these games.This is my asmr.He should have walked away after 2 minutes.I started watching Chess videos recently.The first 9 end intop the second nine in the middle and the third nine at the bottom.

That's beautiful.

That's beautiful.

White sacrificed an active knight for an untouched bishop, which could result in black getting some early development for his h8 Rook.Shall i double the ingredients if i wnt to mk a big Cake.Chc bn quay c video c vua.It would've been cool if you put glitter on either side of the disk in the sphere to look like stars.Many thanks and looking forward to spending many enjoyable hours of your knowledge.

The charged ones will land with a heavy thud.I love silent desktop too.3 micron (white) or 60.Would love to see a game with both players commenting though, a lot.The tactics used are Queen sacrifice, Removing the defender and fork.This is great advice, however there should be some caveats.Very Cool Mirror !

ND Mistry

1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 Nf6 3.Nxe5 Nxe4 4.Qe2 Nf6 5.Nc6 discovered check

Cartman Eric

after chucky lost he still stood up like a boss and smiled..haah what a funny dude, he can take a loss with a smile..he must have had fun Oothe madman ivantsjoek..hehe funny caracter

Sharky Naomi

Guess who,(Game cards do not actually talk)Me:Wha- but- wa- NOOO

Elmer Merc

In the 4:06 they would definitely go with the horse


I had to turn the volume off to watch it peacefully.

Ralph Ocava

He missed the forks... like three times... he could have win the rook in the first fork...

Angel Dejesus

Yo why remy mad funny

clay rabero

fire emoji

Andy Galkin

Haven't watched yet but I already like it

Stoa Eterna

4:56 - if Magnus played rook a2, the bishop moves away, then rook f2, would it have been mate?

John Daley

A company I worked for did the training... they sent out emails that looked like regular company originated emails that were meant for everyone.It worked!I no longer open emails from the company lol.

Torell Camp

Super Dope!!!!

Binesh B


Sebin Biju

mammooka thani nazrani powlichoo

Steve Veasey

You must be a great teacher, these are far and away the best instructonal videos for beginner/internediate players I have seen. Showing in real time the mistakes players at my level make all the time and how to exploit them with logical, simple moves is brilliant...You could have charged good money for these, god bless you sir! :-)

Michael Van Zyl

Nimzo-Indian defense???

Devashish Joshi

For puzzle 1, how about Kd6? threatening Qb2 checkmate.....I will give my thought process here....Kd6. Kb6Qb2. Ka5Qa3Did I miss anything?

The Binary Epidemic

I like the way he pronounces"zeroes"

Sonja Sieker

11:00 Friday comes before Thursday when Thursday is on the second week and Fridays on the first week.


Thank you for this very informative post concerning the beloved game of chess. However, in the future please do NOT use green arrows showing movement on a green and white chess board. May I suggest using black, red, or blue for the arrows. Again, thank you.

Martha I Murcia M

Me encanto. Muchas gracias.

Divini S

Retro For Honor


Thank you that was very helpful end enjoyable

Brent Miller

Oh wait, it's leap year...neat.

humberto garcia

el mono ha debido pedir tablas.

Farheen Hussain

I am going to get chess and play with my dad. I hope I win but I don't know how to play so this tutorial was really helpful