Dax - "My Last Words" (Official Music Video)

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14:41 oooo my god.

14:41 oooo my god.

I wanted bed to win so bad, lol.Could there be more than 3 squares as long as only 3 were of the same size?I love the simplicity of that set and would appear to be a set that could be copied by a wood turner like yourself.I'm proud of me having spotted the trouble to come immediately.BTW I love your clip.I made this very yummy so thanks for the recipe.It's absolutely amazing and incredible how Hans Zimmer combined both the Davy Jones theme with the Will and Elizabeth theme.Very nicely edited video!

Complete, precise, Georges.

Complete, precise, Georges.

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Halloween in January

Halloween in January

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I think that they should put lights (and beep sounds) on the board the way Saitek Kasparov computers used to be made.You have a very interesting channel, I've been following you!Normally he complicates and loses often in drawn positions by pressing too hard, he seems more aware of what is winnable and what is drawn.Was it Brandys it Ft Wayne?In Saskatchewan you can watch your dog run away forever.Can someone give me link to the music?

If you lean the

If you lean the

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Neil Bain

When 'Put a sock in it' was a literal option.

William Barksdale

I really like the format of this video with the real chess board. great work yet again!

Van Clyde Amihan

My gad bonita galit na galit talaga

Arlen Moulton

Didn't Big Clive have one of these in a recent live stream? Neat to see one running!


Kevin heart ....definition of irritating.

Eldon Erc

Why don't you make a couple ears off the bracket to hold your grinder and bolt it where the side handles go. I noticed the grinder twists under load . That can cause some gouging which would be your imperfections.

Daniel Bla

Finaly He castle Short..) what a legend!

Christofix - DIY Projects

wow, man! This is just awesome! I wish I had a workshop like yours. Mine is small and I work the few basic tools I have. I can make nice stuff but make something like this is not for me. Well done man, I have watched this video with much admiration.


Who sees the bench dog at 1:59 ? :-)

Johnathan Grey

President Abraham Lincoln would be proud.

DCD Studios

Just paused the video here’s my guess, rook takes, pawn takes, Knight takes

Habeeba Raiz


Lashaun Beazer

Instead of Nxf7 on move 29... Why not RxH7? It's the most logical move in my eyes.

chinmay kulkarni

The commentary was irritating, his voice is gonna haunt me for rest of my life.. Good game though.. Why didn't Carlson took his pawn after check at the end..?

Last Prophet

wang hao age 45 and 25 at the same time


Great project for people starting out! I've just got a bunch of hand tools I inherited and I think I will build something similar. It will take longer but should be fun... and I can make things to store my new to me tools in.