Cờ vua: Chiếu bí 2 đối thủ trong cờ siêu chớp 1 phút

Congratulations bro!I just watched the bone cracking video again, and now I know that Miles has a titanium Shoulder.He has at least $10,000 tools there.What is the name of tighter pls.Superb, mai zarur try karugi.Finegold is my least favorite gm to watch, and I was excited to see a 30 minute video cause I thought it would be in depth and really help my openings, and I’m 4 and a half minutes in and he’s said no talking to the kids 8 times told 3 stories unrelated to basic theory and moved 2 pieces.

Get a jack hammer.Finally someone on youtube annealing copper correctly, most people air cool it like you would with steel."Jerry this was so awesome to watch.In his under 2000 class (the July 21 2018 one), he has a funny segment where this kid is beating some paper on the desk making noise, Ben finally tells him to stop, the kid says okay, but 10 seconds later actually continues making the same noise, then Ben gives him a dark look, and after another 15 seconds, informs him that beating the paper makes noise and to put it down, so the kid says okay again, but he throws it down with this huge bang lol.Showtime was sanging lol.

BO3 (best of 3) is actually saying : best of 3 games, then the first player to win 2 games win the match.With the rest of the pieces in reserve.I don't think black got the win due to any skill or planning but simply because of white's blunders.Js:44(anonymous) tetris.Made me think Jay Z had to help her write that.Thumbed up the vid before watching it.What if the bishop capture the pawn on g412:04.I'm of Spanish and Irish descent too.That's a great job for your 1st 3D board.

Nakamura got manhandled

Nakamura got manhandled

Has the eulers line other properties?Most lower ranking players don't use the Sicilian.It's obvious that indeed, in infinite time you can free the clowns.Human conception of Good and Bad is nothing more thenMoney, Ads, Tv, Trade, Music and so on.She's the most powerful but not the most important.Top ide kreatif.

1:26 Let's talk about circles today, specifically something that they do.What kind of dye did you use?Chuck was on his own planet as usual.3:08 why didn't the player queen capture g5?As a Caro-Kann player, when Ben said "we're just inventing moves here"I died.Please analyse this matchI m Biplob SinhaThank you.

It went like this with only around 250

It went like this with only around 250

White : e3Fischer : "Let me show you how its doneBlack : e5.Bellissimo lavoro, i miei complimenti.Is there a trap I can't see?Your channel should be getting much more attention than it is.Cool lesson man.

Let the river run.

Let the river run.

It is funny that stochfish as black, in the last problem, as seeing the check mate with the knight, dont even try going for the a2 pawn, making things a little easier to us.I just have to bow.Why not Bf4 by black ?And I hate "ay" for "a" always.There's nothing white can do, besides trading the bishop for the knight, because his king is too far away.And you should always have a circular saw.Finegold is always good but this was outstanding even by his standards.Zach has great style.Why do I feel like lvl 2’s accent was fake, or at least exaggerated?

I still have it.Anyway, resign na dapat yung white nung natira yung black king and rook.Lack of follow ups?This video can be made better if music is avoided and adding a top view of board on side.We appreciate your level of talent and sharing it with us "still in the dreaming" stage.How did I get here?

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Cowardly bastard hope he suffered.

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Why is he using var all the time. That really isnt a good style of programming.

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