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001 to make it straight and make the shaft fit on straight.Did you know the board itself tells the story creation from A1.Keith's intensity is the best.Why can't white play Bishop takes d7 pawn at move 13?Bravo, hai un nouovo iscritto.Thank you for such a helpulf video!

Can you report

Can you report

This is tough for the ginger gm, Ben finegold is like a motor man he just keeps goin.Ah yes don’t we love seeing a 5D figure made of 4D figures reimagined in a 3D environment on a 2D screen that consist of 1D lines connected by 0D pointsEDIT:didn’t see the other comments saying the same oops.Jeetendra Advani, thank you for your video.Naka: i'll win this!Why did you then use the belt sander?It is up to the family and society to nurture and encourage those gifts.

Even the construction is an

Even the construction is an

Choild, baybee, sooon!We should do this more often.Phara DIED lmaooooooo, that running a train line was fucking gold.What he wanted to continue saying was.There was no standard mating pattern to any of those mates.Simplyshowing us the unique artistry and magic of Brian May the tech wizardry, humour and skillof Pete Malandrone and a great no nonsense interview by Jason Shadrick.This gave the fuel vapors some time to mix with air in the can, and when I touched the flame to the can area, it exploded and spewed burning alcohol all over my hand and the table I was working on.I think it might be the nicest 2x4 workbench I have seen made.A lot more exciting to see it played in 21 minutes as opposed to 3 hours.

Looks like an orange without the light on.Who is dogofwar?Is there a replay without any analysis available anywhere?Beautiful restoration!I have a huge electric lathe and I tried to make a ring like you did.Another question for all : Do you think good game annotations bring out the Beauty of games with the potential for much increased understanding ?Omg I have a s8 two it’s a really good phone for me.Vihart sends her regards.Va nhanh va nguy him.He says that the situation with Yelawolf is not that serious, not that important he didn't want to air it out for everyone to see so it doesn't follow him everywhere he goes, but he puts out a first single of his new album which happens to be exactly that song?


You are painstakingly replicating by hand a joint that was created for mass production by machinery. I do like how they look. Great work!

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Thanks sir thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks

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great vid, thanks!

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4th example on 30 : 00 just desn't sink well and doesn't make sense..


Those cutting boards are thiccc


Someone should make an app for this to play it on Android

Dumplings and Tacos

I would have taken it and restore'n it to its former glory :(

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Great video jerry