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That is awesome.I have never heard anyone so bored-sounding at the fact they've just gotten the WR as Shaeden.Aku selalu Kok menggunakan pertahanan berlin.Bondic: Fixes Stuff With Strong GluesFlex Glue Wants to know your Location.I hate that this video is an enjoyable ad.Its also known here in Germany.

7:45 Rook blunder.Soviet russia :D :D.I urge you to look at the variations from that move, since it is both absolutely beautiful and absolutely crushing."Why did I not play Queen g3 immediately?But he chose the easy route.Since there's no power cable supplied, we have to use 6 double A batteries"Now this model is a little bit later then the previous model we've been talking about, but it was the only one I could find, and it has the same features just with a few extras".Maybe we just talk faster in Australia.

That is an awesome chessboard!

That is an awesome chessboard!

Taking us through your analyses live is just extremely valuable!Amazing craftsmanship, you are an artisan.Wonder full unmatchable work like it sooooooo much.That was great---.A very good idea!

Oh ok, that explained it quite

Oh ok, that explained it quite

That freaking kid in the background!I like how the camera person went towards Linus when he called them over.I missed your videos my man!'' x20 i guess saying it that much it really hurt your ego.As if there was a ghost copy of the whole screen a cm to the left, or right of the main one.Best game I have seen this year!00:39 wtf that rook move?

It's a beautiful checkmate.

It's a beautiful checkmate.

I guess I'll be making GREY filament, but, I'm also guessing I can't mix ABS with HDPE.B chi bao lu th ln dk 1900 th ?Great project but you seriously sound like a five year old reading off a script.Beautiful board, but horrible instructional video!This is what happens when you don't get a credit card.That would have been an even better lesson for the narrators to bring out - that given enough problem solvers, more than one solution often emerges.White had to promote3 queens to equalize the material.The reason I came here was for a roblox game idea.I was surprised not to see, as an example, the notable game between Bent Larsen and Boris Spassky, in which the Danish grand master went home after no more than 30 moves, the tail tucked in between his legs and most likely wondering where it all went wrong in this 1.What do you think about the polyboard software?

When your flashlight went to strobe I wondered

When your flashlight went to strobe I wondered

A lot of effort for something which is obsolete now.No ordinary hustler, jesus.It's definitely a workable piece.On the amazon page for the chess pieces he linked in the description, I noticed the seller wrote an interesting insight that seems to contradict the video:"BOARD GAMES ARE GOOD FOR YOUDid you know that playing board games can teach important social skills like verbal communication, being patient, sharing, taking turns and enjoying interactions with others?Thanks for sharing this video." She similarly addressed Cavuto's question about Clinton's interview last month in which she claimed "nobody likes" Senator Sanders.Should I buy a raspberry pi?3:55 why trade and not use bishop?John, as always you are awesome!

Beer has gluten.8:55 there's a figure in the road.GoddamnWhy do you think they haven't invented three man chess yetI mean shit is more confusing than a 100 choices question.2:19 almost everytime I reach this position they play h6 :.The B roll looks like it's from 2004.As you may notice.There was another beautiful game in the challengers tournament played between Bassim Amin Anton korapov ' reaaly was a great one you must check it out.Bh3 surely isn't the only way to win?

I've made a similar set,

I've made a similar set,

It's been abandoned for thirty years and I was just given permission to go salvage equipment.Diagnosed with antisocial personality disorder, steals thing's mutilates and attacks women but the police let him go.I was lmao when i saw the second game.A limit tending to zero never ends just as a limit tending to infinity never ends.The art style somewhat reminds me of samurai jack.You have a nice place.

Dan Weiss

At 5:49 why didn't he make life easier by winning the queen with B to b6 discovered check?Wei to go!


Even if you know the trick its still magical! It's not a slight of hands but a slight of brains trick. Very impressive. Hello from the future past.


Brilliant analysis!I got a lot of different lessons in one.


i like this


Thanks for taking the time to make this!

Zeki Agac

1:16 the queen could go to e6 and fork. The rook will be immediately dead.


Wow, you're gonna change very often the sanding ribbon if you don't clean the glue before.

Black Goku

Can someone explain to me what happened at the last part?


Such an irritating GM Finegold

Jack Tu

That kid in the background need to let him focus lol

Victor Ulha

0:27 "queen takes exclaim" ben is awesome