CSRIC VII Meeting - December 2019

Best teacher ever.I have so many leather bound books.3:58 Jerry says "Everything but a rook or king"Nigel Short would say: "Everything, especially a king!You can’t real talk and gangster rap a nigga in every round.

That'w where I have mentioned everything in description.6:58 witnesses watchedAhh what a society we live in.Qxf6 gxf6 Ne7 with a fork on the queen.

Guy want's to be Tony Robbins so bad !It is very cool!Enjoyable to watch.Really like them.One of the greatest webcam users of all time - no.

Dude you are super talented with wood working.0:21 you dont put them on your feet you put your feet on them.RB is how black people express their love for each other.White castles thru it at the 5:39 mark.Hello from Poland, good job!Metal is unyielding and cold.Too much talking that has nothing to do with chess and it would help if you made it clear as to who's move it was.

Thanks for that.Where do you find the metal and what type of metal is it.Allegedly, that’s one rotation every 24 hours because the earth is so big.Es como un ASMR.Why didn't they exchanged QUEENS, instead of a DRAW?B takes C4 Q takes H8.

Anime fights top

Anime fights top

She is an exquisite beauty.Friend: oh I don’t think you know how to play thisMe: oh I know how to play itMe 5 seconds later: 4:33.6:5Is that an angry bird.You can watch it on my channel (easy to find, just got one video so far :) )I'm curious what you think, so feel free to leave a comment ).Definitely a space saving idea there.But you're also blessed please never take your title as something granted, but you won't, I knowbut you're a GREAT champion, without doubt.Firouzja was obviously winning the game but lost on time before queening and Carlsen only having a pawn and bishop left was obviously beaten.I actually made something similar to this before.

i want die lol

Nobody:All teachers:


Hows the mini lathe doing?

SJ Mitchy

Zach's green suit

Ansh Gautam

Who do suchfoolishness like this

Leon the Nice

11:09 that timber was struck by a smooth criminal!

James Wha

If carlini didn't talk as much he would not have got distracted by the girl in the background and probably would have won Coz the younging would have ran out of time first


Dope intro! Love it

Abang Jashmady Abang Shukori

6:48 nut shot

Orphan 97

Couldn’t even start he video.The map on the thumbnail is way wrong.Perhaps getting something right before even starting it???

Kobie Kaasjager

Absolutely stunning and fantastic your work is amazing.

nic 2002

2:37 if u want to save ur king from Mikhail tal then remove it from the chess board XD

GravityzCatz Gaming

This is one of those neat things I love about math. All the time, money, and effort put into solving these Knights Tours and why? because we can!

Darius Noxus

t 1:16 can he not just go Qe6 and win


i'm a misanthrope who wants to kill people...

Imperial Guardsman

Paradox-Billiards-Vostroyan-Roulette-Fourth-Dimensional-Hypercube-Chess-Strip Poker


16:20 diresta listening to the Chipmunk news again.

Perpetual Student

can someone educate me regarding the clock?if time runs out does one lose the game?

The Hound

Guys which do you recommend: Slav or Queens Gambit Declined? Do they differ much? Which gives a better chance of winning?


no milestone video :(

Shana Adams

I remember when I was learning Italian my mouth and jaw would hurt after talking for an hour just because of the pronounciation. I had tto build up strength in my mouth lol.

walkie talkie

thats really cool

Ataturk Shirinov

Xoao :D

Abdullah Safarini

30:56 why are they similar triangles. They don’t share the same angles. The smaller triangle has a 90 degree angle while the bigger one doesn’t

Bill Carroll

Man, you have some incredible skills and a keen eye for detail. That looks awesome

Andy lee. Uy

Im here in Norwaythen nakita ko to bigla akong naiiyak ng Sobra. I really miss my Mom paguwi ko travel ko sya.

Paul Brebber

I hear "dynamic potential" is the word of the day

Eric Reinecke

agad im ok at chess but i found both moves!!! woot!!!

Gerardo Huizar

I've been watching your videos since monday, i've lovd your videos since monday. So nice!

Maly Pivo

It is awesome, but these resin-based printers do need final curing right ?:)Just saying, its stupid fast anyway and the orientation irrelevation is awesome..

Mitchell Howell

Brazilians tend to have really long names.