CryptoWZRD Live Stream

America has lost its way.This was very helpful I’m now excited to get this board.Insert Greta Thunberg saying "I want you to panic".26:03 tem um cruzeirense na plateia kkkk.3:18:49 Rock eats a7 and whatever black does, white queen eats b6 and check mate.I think your friend should have set his line width to 3.There are a number of things that can be used.Socks with sandals?

THE ZELDA SOUND AT 7:56!Shout-out to dode for the shell skipp.Speed chess is about banter and trash talk, it’s used for fun and sometimes strategy.I don't know why but i really love the sound :) Great video!Now that's what I'm talking about just like me rough as guts!Who loves Harry Potter really ?Cool idea, but too much glue, not healthy.

Sn - 2 and n - oo, so Sn n - 0.Maybe even suggest 8 on the list - To find the BEST possible move on the chess board.I just keep subscribing to scary and horror channels.This is for idiots.I thought it like,tryin to change the heat center from g7 square to c1 square.Taunting the weak mind of society.

Great work navigating that puzzle, came together awesome.U dont hve to show how chess work.I usually dislike electronic cuckoo clocks but this is really well done!What is this page and the video is super and helpful bro.I know nothing about piracy, 3DS, tech, hacking, or anything being talked about in this video yet I'm watching it anyway.Would like to share with you.Thanks for a nice made inspiring video.Greer Viau I think there is a video that would help meking this already impressive AI better you could watch the perfect snake AI by Code Bullet.

Somthing grunted !Magical Mikhail.Only one game where Mikhail Tal crushed a romanian GM.The tombstones were mainly made small half meter tall stones pillar or plank with the name engraved on it.4:03 We need a refill on aisle 6.Dexter is about a sociopathic detective who kills people who get away with murder or are child molesters you would actually probably enjoy it !Man i cant sing up on your site.They are both scary, powerful and deadly in the films.Morphy reportedly declared that he would play no more matches without giving odds of pawn and move.

Do you ever watch Joe Pie?Could watch you make stuff all day!How is it that two chess engines don't end up just playing the same moves every time they play each other?Why do you and the majority of YouTube channels charge for PLANS when our subscription and thumbs up earn you money.There is nothing wrong with using the word prophylactic.Hi Does anything image suitto this code?I think they only had 40GB of memory in total.

joseph saiz

What was going on in the background around the two minute Mark all I here is no no and then a crash

Zuan Idrys

The background music makes me wanna shake my ass while watching.


I thought he was going to say and it was on move 8 that Nakurama resigned. Lol

Hob Goblin

Please don't clap throw money....that was so cool. the video. ..I wonder what's Paul morphy ELO WOULD be by today's ratings



Cartoni Stupidi

Amazing man

Thy Nguyn Th Thanh

Sao ad ko chi c5 kho qun Tng en

Ninnifier O.o

Found you because of agadmator

Joline Harris

I aspire to be a woodworker so bad! My since passed uncle Ron inspired me to get into wood work after seeing his creations!


I laugh when he said "who am I" lol what about the best chess player in history

Heather Gonzalez

I was laughing so hard this whole video. I can't lol i think Zach and Eugene became closer friends Edit: well except for the physical contact thing haha poor Eugene

Karl Makk

For anyone interested all the game files (except the first match) are availablehere game.


Very nice, I like how you can use this for different sized cut outs. A question, what if you made the openings for the nuts bigger and rectangular and used wing nuts? This would eliminate the need for a wrench. Thanks for sharing!

Amy Vener

He could have EASYLY got him in checkmate in the beginning!!!


Magnus is a perfectionist ! Only he knows all his mistakes he made and he hates himself for it. Fair enough. As Eric mentioned "that attitude makes him so good, and beyond the surface level he allowed him to get better positions and opportunities then he should have." (rephrased)


i am not an expert i did only a dozen in my life... thats still 12more dan me