Creating an Escher-Like Tessellated Chess Board

:D among other things.PETG is cheap, PLA is a little more expensive.Best camera woman goes to Leslie.Hikaru letting his clock run out, what a douche.This ebook helped me a lot :.

I need to grow my beard.Uei ging ngi dn ngt vi.I'd love to grow even more, to the thousands of patrons I see other channels get.Fischer never even thought of it.One mistake i found,the hinge stile and lock stile goes all the way down, the way they fix it was wrong,having the bottom rail all the way across.What chess platformboard is that?Excellent study of KIbut effectively lucky as you said.Then I discovered, Android Studio doesn't support JavaScript.

Wow what a brilliant combination at the end.I immediately noticed that either all blacks are odd numbers and all white squares are even, or vice versa.Do you build for anyone?Fischer's Queen Sacrifice: Am I a joke to you?He is a cat man!TrueScar My pickup line is growing in popularity :D.Put your foil hats on, They Are Listening.I knew it might have been in the water like the one vid u did tge curser on the rock and board in water.

Nice escape chou!The lack of combativity, fighting and wish to win of both players is frustating.Were they scaffolding boards?At least the game is presented in more friendly and fun way, rather than pure theory and dead silence around.At around 11:00 why not push f6?It also could mean being used.Do you think the steps in the cutting board project will scale up to 60x32x1 12?Who remembers Eric?

Other folks that do your sort

Other folks that do your sort

The zoom master.Elder Scrolls Online3.Cuma pas skil dipake baru maju dikit.I've stopped drinking coffee thanks to these videos.These are very old memories from university long ago and maybe I'm wrong.I been shooting since I could see over the table too!Put your subject on the centre of the video.

Does anybody know what is

Does anybody know what is

Wow this video is a treasure trove of information for beginners!3:11 why not rook x e3?Very insightful commentary, thanks very much.If Black plays Bxb2, White can respond with Bxb2, with development and still be attacking the unprotected Rook on a8?Well I'm not asking you to run me down but if there is such a move to the left as to the right, what is the procedure?Please make a video on socialism in Europe and Russian revolution.If only you had a mini round over plane to round the edges of this mini round over plane.


the professor seems so nice I want him to be my teacher/grandpa

Keerthana Ravindran

Nice ma'am

Ricardo Zenelaj



Omggggg 1:00 pongfinity my favorite

Mohan Babu

Some times we should do unnecessary things, as others had no choice, only mistake.

WoozY aka Mikaboshi

hi , as a fellow technician around 14:20 where u say any pci card should work. That's not always the case. Sometimes if the generation of pci express is too much of a difference she might simply not work. For the rest great video! wish i had one of these available when i was a youngster learning the techniques :)

PoakoTonga Poako

The real question who created the war....what u explain is drama and it real because people died but behind the scenes they organised and work secretly....we live in time that people take everything for granted

Kilimanjarno Arnsson

Fantastic play. Fantastic commentary. You're really really good, agadmator.

Mohammad Sajid

Circle me (n-1)! Q hoga..?

Vnh ng

I want to buy a cabinet table saw but IAM in VietNam.


habs schon in deinen stats gesehen, das du immer am losen bist gegen das teil.

Liam Cooper

Man, you know you're gettin' deep in the Finegold when he asks "What game does this remind you of" and you know it was tal-Botvinnik, and then later when he asks who his last rated loss was, you throw out a random "Sam Sevian" and go 2/2...I don't even know how to play chess, I just know a lot of Ben Finegold trivia: example, he had a tracheotomy at UCLA when he was two. Exclam!

Max Plank

Click bait ! Who the fuck is the guy shouting out??


how awesome is Arkham? seriously dude. keep uploading these gems!!

Sweet IKsONN

H o W    M u c h    I s  I t    ?????????????????????????????????????????


You - wizard!


shogundapker double the states meaning if won more points loss more points taken away

Lou Adzima

Looks Great!

Nobisukay Nobi

How about queen to E7 at 5:53?

Miss smf

I love Matthew's creepy smile while Rob is talking about his channel there at the end ha ha


Bakit Yung mga 2 estudyante naka T pose


Can you flank one 1 and 9 or 3 and 7 to capture diagonally?