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Yg dewasa baru bisa maen catur ya wajar aja.Suggestion:Can you do a video with a romanian GM that wins as you never did one.It's a awesome video.Literally the best place on earth.Real name ni kiwit?I'd say a completely different planet calls for a little tinkering.Just an update if anyone wants one.Set the blade in too deep and adjust by planing or sanding the surface.

Maybe they should ban schools at this point (clears throat).You can make 2 to 7% of some amazon products.Feel free to get ahold of me at530 370 7200.This one i could have execute easily.I played tumbleweed gambit.

Am I the only one that hates the sound and feel of the snow ones?I've used flocking in the past on my bandsaw box draws, you can buy cheap kits on eBay, it's easy to use and I get great finishes.I would go crazy.He is Magnus Carlsen?All fine, game, video, scripts but damn voice is too irritating.Eugene: i havent played poker beforealso eugene: went to bartending sckool.

Ben is great, too bad his

Ben is great, too bad his

Maybe my tactical vision isn't as good as yours.Jerry, you are awesome!- Bd7 to play b5).4:16 magnus true scandinavian live on a fishing boat.Shark puppet : This is my heaven.3rd Knight was a real hero in this game ).I will try dropping my camera to see if I can reach 3000 ELO.I remember watching a fish called Wanda on it.I was inspired by your making a notebook, and I repeated it using my own design.

You could say it was a MUTE needle

You could say it was a MUTE needle

I had been trying to learn chess for a year And I learnt everything from your videos.But need each other.He's not going to go far unless he pulls his pants.I was expecting more like $4000.5x from a previous video.

Clan Widow

The 7th Realm aka 7th Gate of Hell aka The Abyss and well Lucifers Realm is the 7th Gate




At 21:09 I was waiting for Botex to play b5 and then his crushing realization that he had to trade his queen for a pawn


Missed half the games with you pizzing about with the board.

Shiju s Rajan S Rajan

Kottayam kunjachanu aaduthomayil undayapole oru sadanam