Countdown Amazing Calculation 813 - Carol Vorderman

I hate kids they are so dump.This is when the globetards go wild.Antonio, please rotate the board if it is black win the game so we can vizualize and see it more clear.I figured this out on my own after physically using matchsticks.Puzzle me buzzle.Do you find any issues with spraying inside a small tent shelter such as dried finish particles landing on and embedding themselves into the finish surface?I just found your page and have done basically nothing since!Coco powder ki jaga coffee use krsakty ha.

Am I missing something?Outstanding gamePeople who say chess cant be thrilling.Was he trolling?"Investigator patty here" ctfu!I found that log10(no.Amazing content, Sagar.

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If he plays xxx then

If he plays xxx then

Love the attention to detail.She is good but when you watch and heir yasser sirvan.I will just say one sentence: YOU ARE APSOLUTELY KING, MY GOD, I STILL CANT BELIVE HOW FAST THAT WAS.Round 1: gheechiRound 2: JjddRound 3: gheechi.Thomson's Lamp is NOT an example of Grandi's theory.Gotta demodulate that signal.It's not that that's not a perfectly reasonable solution, but I just think it'd be absolutely perfect if there were a more elegant solution that gave it tool-less quick change capability.With this stuf you will do everything.

You lost me a little

You lost me a little

I guessed the price right.A very rare combination!Why am watching his JS videos ?Sir,Can you make a separate playlist for the most viewed videos ?Youkill e feish.Giant Child hand in the way!I no it’s a lot of work but this 1hour video is awesome it’s like a movie I get to watch it all in order slender man next.You know its a magical game when you see the name Nezhmetdinov or Tal on the title.Jackman, your cooler than a bunch of Eskimo's, great work as always.

He is a magician.Solved the 9 Dots and the Three Glass problems, but I had to unpause to see the answer for the Candle problem :(.I'm not that surprised.Sorry, just think it sucks and clearly so did every other american kid.Hahahah I don't know much about chess but I still enjoyed this breakdown immensely!Why were two opponents who were rated that far apart matched up in the first place?It shows that you have a true passion for woodwork.

Nice recipe I will try I'm your new friend.Chess is near future - ' So as of move 50 we have a Completely new endgame"!Please tell how to remember moves fast.Please may you give me the s9because I wanted it for years.It will be chilly.

Sound Wave

I was Supposed To Buy Hanzo but then Suddenly This Pops Up In My Recommendations list Then i watched it I literraly changed my plans on Buying hanzo then changed to dyrroth :))

Quang Duc

Thua roi ong kasparov

Ron Bakker

thank you for uploading..

nadeer muhammed

Padam full evide da kaavadi mone


Really great

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I think We can’t substitute x1=-x2 into the second equation ,Because the 2nd equation came from the 1st equation .

Ali Mutahir

How will this help in chess...I don't think blindfold improves chess ....but this shows how brilliant a person is


i definitely think they should design a dress that would be entertaining as hell

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Woah! i was about to buy an impact driver but thanks to you sir, You remind me that impact driver dont drill holes.


She speaks like someone poking fun at an American accent. I like it though.

Terry bonds




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You HAVE to watch Dexter. One of my all time favorite shows.


I could spend the rest of my days watching guitar builds. I wish I had the time, patience, skills, tools and money to do this.


This is the best video I've seen so far on YouTube for coding. You know why? Because he makes mistakes, and then corrects them, and that's the most human thing you can do.A good way to teach people coding, is by running them up on the basics, and then let them make a lot of mistakes, the more mistakes you solve, the more you will know down the road.I like to prioritize better problem solving, over memorization.

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Oh god, oh god, that bread's soft af I need that

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Do you buy the fondant or do you make it?

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Feel like Jason Shadrick is kinda dick

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I did live a little


Yea, I noticed this too. :) He's ofc talking about the stars in the constellation draco.

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welcome to the matrix