Cosplay Chess & Closing Ceremonies

I just love how Carlsen has literally played nothing but bullet on both of his accounts -- he's still a "1500?I was able to groom my two dogs, prepare their food, feed them, play with them, then get them to bed, and when I returned to this video, they're still playing.If its classical,its so silly to simplify position.Nice work Shaun.It takes for moves to occupy the king's square with the Knight.

Can we do the same importing AI files?Is it really necessary to sand it at 2:00?Anyone know what the disinfectant is they are spraying everwhere?Use a plastic garbageTrash can bag.Suggestionding liren lost first time in 15 months.I have been to Indiaand trust me, it has NEVER been this quiet.Very little consideration is given to each move, even from a GM.I'll be honest at first I only watched that Tournaments, but over time these standard games have grown on me over the years and I can better appreciate them.Thank you so much.That looks amazing, thank you for your efforts, All the best for the future, I look forward to seeing more from you.

Would love to learn that.It warms my heart to see that this teacher is having fun teaching his old student.These people are beyond insane.Plzz keep uploading such great and helpful video.Naka laughing is hilarious!If vanilla essense not available.My tacticrating is much higher.However, Alejandro with his cockiness was like, "I don't like a6", "Qh5 and both players are in trouble".  There must be something with Steam that makes that happen.

And the quarantine will

And the quarantine will

Some of amateurs can get your ass kicked.Perhaps the creative drive is actually ment to train us in problem solving, just as the drive for physical play (sports) is ment to train us for physical challenges (hunting, defense, physical health.To be fair to the Civilized world guy.How dumb can someone be to make those kind of moves?Great video, thank you.Guess you decide its broken then?I have spike ball at school.This kid is amazing.

I've learned some steam bending tips from cape falcon kayaks, not to take away anything from this video, but you may want to check it out.You don't need to belong too a health club after all the exercise you get woodworking.Twerk written all over it.The best opening is the halosar trap.Rc1 preps an attack, but black's Queen can easily take the F2 pawn, and now even doubling the attack on the c column with Queen c3, black can still play his c pawn to c5, and white is clearly losing.Just stfu and let us listen to Buffet’s wisdom.Bhai game sahi tha lekin batane ka tarika bilkul bekar tha.Caruana drink two root beers just before the game.The biscuits come in very handy when you glue up frames and furniture bodies.

Hillary Clinton, holding on tightly to a glass of Chardonnay, months after losing the presidency to Donald Trump.This is probably for someone like Dan Bilzerian, a rich mf playboy and also a chess fanatic.Much appreciated and I love the enthusiasm!Bwahahahahahahahahahahaha.Is there one game without webcam issues?

Is there a

Is there a

My Surname is Petrosian not so great as the legendary Grandmaster but would love to hear the joke.1:16, DONT STEAL SAVAGE XDDDD."And you laugh at me.Please do not add Eric Rosen.The time of V-Pop is now.Orange, not sun.Nice video, but put away that horrible music !2:09 bagaimana kalau gajah gak mundur tapi mentri ke h5?

diego dz

when music was Musicwritten, arranged, played and recorder with love and passion.we are now missing bands like DR

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Tidak semudah itu feerguso.

Poor OL JC

All I can say is beautiful !! I wish I had your CNC machine...

Pedja Nincic

Mato you miss force mate with Qe1...


Why Would someone return to such an intellectual nightmare? Perhaps the reasons are supported by Determination or other.


hes so pretty

Paul Dixon

Greetings. very rarely do i get to see an absolutely brill video but I'm hooked on the music as well. 10/10 I'm a new subby so please can you tell me who the music is by. Merry xmas sir to you and all the family keep safe.

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I love this I love the song I wish that I was hogworts


Evil people are rich become rich by doing evil work.Poor people do no work or just enough to fill there stomachs over there life time.




19:46 link photo please

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Kaiyak sobra!


What do u do with the engines? Did u ever put them in the RC plane?

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He threw the chain in crowd

DaRk WaNder

Nice vanish finishing

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Cunto costara esa mesa si la vendieras?