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Giving you your infinite solutions.But I'm not sure if I'll ever get as good as you.I just want to know why so many people disliked this video.Can you show some more Evans gambit?

Andy dick in the thumbnail.Jerry, I have been watching your videos for years now and I still feel that you are one of, if not THE best instructor in regards to taking complex seemingly-incomprehensible moves and positions, and explaining the logic behind them, making them understandable to amateurs.ComWe have all these machines with excellent price.After every move from Eric, Davis would disconnect, then reconnect and play his move.Worst voice on the planet.Turning a crisis into an even bigger crisis for self gain.I would have sent one of these serial killers to hell.Very interesting!What he moves after kf6 is kc6.I've seen you use glue with leather in a lot if not alle of your leather project videos.

Ai c ri gi

Ai c ri gi

Suggestion - suspend objects in the Epoxy using something like fishing line.The discussion and analysis of the games proves how deep these players understand the game.Is this some kind of black woodcraft magic?One guy he tied up in a cove on the beach put a camera up cut him up and let rats eat the man alive then retrieved the camera to watch when the man died.The last movie was the absolute opposite.I"m learning more on Youtube than in class.Did you account for that?I enjoy the analogness of watching this on a real chess board.We should do this more often.

I wouldn’t be surprised if 8 years from now they were nearing on 30 minutes.It looks gorgeous, don't get me wrong, but, actually playing Chess on it would be a bit of a pain, wouldn't it?I still don't understand how u niggaz can come together like this but in the end yall accomplish nothing.But why would you?This came out so freakin' clean and insanely nice!Well, I think it was him sticking his tongue on the roof of his mouth and making it make that noise by popping it down.This is perfect example of a man looking for help and not getting it.

I hate people like that.

I hate people like that.

Those hands help everywhere!That video is a go to pick me up.Great video and build!Most saws only cut 45 one way.The game at 2:17:00 where Carlsen looses with white Jerry's strategic understanding of the key ideas is just great but he stuffs up on one comment "black is going to suffer" when Carlsen's forward pawns have strangled blacks development but black still wins!

Reginald Robinson

30:23 why not Qf6


Strange how the rooks are the most powerful pieces on the board apart from the queens, and yet they're often the second-smallest.  I'm surprised they aren't made third-tallest instead in more chess sets.Regardless, amazing job.  Someday I might want to try a project like this, but I haven't touched a lathe since 8th grade!

Daniel Roberger

Hilarious was the Word.


Thsi vid got me into programming. Thanks

Andrej Panjkov

I wonder if manwithavan is a reference to Peep Show:


It is true that he was playing on mobile, just because the speed of the moves, he flag on better position in all the games he lost and he even go for draws in position that he easly would win if he didn't have less speed than the opponents.

Paul Daniels

So cool such a great teacher why didn't I have that when I was a kid???

Berkay Sevgi

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stop using wood ..Greta Thunberg save the trees....

loris bergogne

it isn't a forge and it isn't a katana.


You should do a viewer poll for the anticipated winner of the Candidates Tournament.