Oh your on vat19.The justice systemis such a joke!In my heyday, I had a grade of 2150, and you still blow me away with new knowledgeinsight in every video!1:18:02 what happend?Ned: do you think im bad at karaoke?Edit: definitely showing my gf that pic of ivanchuk I’m sure to get it in.World of Tanks Battle:.I've been waiting for this since I read The Mysterious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time years ago, but I never knew this is what it was called!

Bang ada gerakan yang membuat saya pusing dan kalah padahal putih sudah benar pada tahap rokade pendek, yaitu pas 2:05 dia malah gerakin pion d2 ke d4, kalo udh begitu sya harus ap ya heheh.Thank you very much professor!I really love Akobian's lectures so much.The time issue is so annoying.(anytime I watch a video like this)"BRAIN.Whew I'm sore from watching need to go put on my wrist and elbow straps after this.

Grabe tlga yong chemistry ng joritz nkkakilig

Grabe tlga yong chemistry ng joritz nkkakilig

THAT STICKER JUST MAKES IT LOOK SO ULGY.I like her cute expression in between.Magnus is a fantastic spot for chess.Thank you very much!We also played this card trick, but we didn't choose any particular number of cards like 27 in this case.Its 1 for How many times does the earth spin in 1 day.

Smfh c'mon man you can not be

Smfh c'mon man you can not be

Just watching your video.That cat would destroy that rabbit.You can't become a World Champion without knowing these positions by heart. It's interesting seeing the different options of the game sure, but don't you find it a little weird to claim that the moves made by people that are much better at chess than you have made just actual mistakes rather than just a difference in style play than you would have chosen.Hello from Eastern Ontario Canada.What was in the bath in the master bedroom?The top donation have me laughing, it is September 2018 and the top donations are in the thousand dollar area.My only question is if Magnus Carlsen has a masterclass for Gary."That's discouraging.Chelsa your ass look amazing in them pants (sexy).

Dan brown- MAY HAVE won the lawsuit.I am proud of you.Your script does a lookup for most folds, -ab-i.Farewell to the old school political pundits.I thought maybe there was a reason why there was no H6.That game of knights should def be a thing.I really would like to give this project a goso any help will be very apreciated!Your videos are amazing!2150: amma 3d print a whole universe!

Everything turned out looking nice except the lag bolt heads being exposed.The USA is a disgrace the way it lets its children roam the country even to this day then jail children as young as 14 for life when they bite back.Nama aplikasi game nya apa boss.I don't the quiz in a different way without hint, I did it upward instead.Nothing random about these processes, they follow their intended purpose barring an unsurmountable obstacle.I like Eddie Daniel's performance better.

The knot can wear away

The knot can wear away

Add some light to your place it will help.WAG NYO ISASALI KUNG KAKAMPIHAN NYO, TAS WAG NYONG TAWAGING WONDERBOY PAG ANG GALING AY SAKTO LANG NMAN,BATA RIN LANG KALABAN NYA,NADAYA PA, TSAKA HINDI WONDERFUL ANG MGA TIRA NYA,BISHOP PINAGPALIT SA PAWN, GUTS?Humans go so far as to travel to multiple planets.I have to give Lindsey a lot of credit to allowing you to design and build this saw mill.HaHaHaHaHaHa very nice.Actually, even for those of us that have been doing it a while you make good interesting points.

Piotr Mazurczak

Is it worth to have a nice chair but don't have all fingers? SAFETY FIRST. Remember - NO FINGERS, NO JOB, NO PROBLEM?

Nick Mackey

Turn your square around when using it as a guide for your circular saw. The point of the square will give you more area to line up the edge of the saw to. Makes it easier to get the saw started in a straight line.

Gothic TDK

I love stories about stalkers.... I wish I had a stalker!

Matthew Lavergne

All of my woodworks I made with WoodPrix. Google and try it.


Master P is way beyond his time....I wish all black folks could have this mentality....we would be UNTOUCHABLE!!!!

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baska dunyadan

I would like to see whole system in a birds eye view. Alpciate your work


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Isaac McCoy

Plz can u add ihascupquake to hermitcraft?

bypassed system

try noipllort gambit!!!!!!!! its very OP and fun

Deep Patel

1:21 dropping bishop and press clock before put the bishop's illegal

I Enjoy Creating Videos

Nice video Matt! Thanks for sharing it with us.JP

phung ha

I was very suprised.It is so amazing,....!?(:(:

blue jeans

Isthere still anyone use that kind of defense against bishop opening? I think that's obsolete.

Robson Silva

Great work man!Congratulations!Robson from Brazil

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Die Hard

this is what is called a bad club that produces stupid players who will never become the world's great players