Complete Python NumPy Tutorial (Creating Arrays, Indexing, Math, Statistics, Reshaping)

God bless you dear.I guess I'll be making GREY filament, but, I'm also guessing I can't mix ABS with HDPE."Ha, I know how to use a drill!How to you keep the tip of your glue bottle to dry up?I really really sang HALLELUJAH after watching this.Like in -depth chess principles and openings?

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He looks like he just sat on a wasps nest.(Step 1 has been done, google perspective and you will eventually find the measurements for vanishing point lines.0:59 C'mon Antonio, Morphy, Paulsen and Medo are paying blind folder, but you recorded this video without your blind disgusting."He loses the rook, the knight, the game"So poetic.Hey Rex, I was watching one of your later videos where you mentioned further improving this plane by adding apiece of wood behind the iron to give it more support and a smaller mouth.

Surely, Ptolemy knew Pythagoras' theorem, and found a generalization of it.Thank you Jerry for another brilliant analysis and commentary.Cheryl is hella lucky.(I almost forgot to like).I'm 34 years old just got back into pokemon cards and games for nostalgia.9:56 the kid could just move pawn to 7C and win the game.Bob moves the knight to the only legal position in that same 4x2 region,3.Teaching kids to hate our great POTUS.It has brought back memories of my late dad who was a trained cabinet maker.

While I like Bobby, I do not understand the big deal about this game.I learned decades ago how to cut a gentle curve on a table saw, following a line and you did not utilize a fence.Both look so cool but the sphere is my favorite.Me and 8 months old boy were watching this video without blinking and were enjoying all the precision machining, tools used and the lustrous metal pieces.Magnus: qb2 was a TERRIBLE move lol.I just wanted to write that MATO is my favourite chess player!Its very nice and an interesting process.Kibler is what happens when you max luck and charisma at character creation.Haha I love Mato's accent.

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Cute ng batang Tisoy sa 2:47 akala ko si PaoloContis noong bata pa.

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suggestion Ding Liren's recording-tying game....and maybe his record breaking game.


thx for ur reply prodigy..Well u may be a good player but just for ur knowledge, The trap was orginated in early world championship and infact fischer was white in that game. By going through the game and after knowing trap its easy for u to say like that but the reality is different!!!

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stop saying uggh


13:10Qg2 checkmate?


Alex is awesome. Like him.

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jesus that's the ugliest pieces ive ever seen. but expensive is kind of a vagueterm..are we talking $500 dollars, $5000 ..??

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Permainan nya masih jelek, kalo berani lawan gw yok...

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Royce wearing the same outfit in multiple interviews

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Que final! Increble!

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Aww shit this is so cool!

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Hi John , very instructional videos thanks. Could you please post a video of how to mate with Bishop and Knight. If you have done this already please post a link to it. Thanks again .

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1:53 black can push the pawn

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nice nice .. more exciting than cavs vs gsw caruana is really hard to beat


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Python is what I started with and I can say it's really, really friendly to learn. Also Python is easier than Ruby in my opinion. So yeah start with Python I guess.

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Thank you for this fun beginner trap and I've taught this to my beginning students but I do have a question. Several folks commented that the pawn to F6 move is a bad move, and I agree. Do you have a suggestion if black plays Pawn to D6 instead?Having played this out against a number of beginner and intermediate players the D6 move has been the more common that I have observed.

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the end is really beautiful

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Chess you don’t learn, chess you understand. Viktor Korchnoi

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mscyrone How can you even play 960 1 minute without making totally retarded moves?I know I sure as hell would if I tried it.