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I have about

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Hikaru : I can stalemate my opponent

Hikaru : I can stalemate my opponent

Nice you are genius man.But again, it's beautiful.I give you a hint.How do you not know the basics and just go out and report on a subject?This was awesome!

You're really good

You're really good

Video is criminal and below is criminal.Maurice is so enthusiastic.I loved the idea of starting to learn code before opening your computer!Therefore the environmental impact is not so bad.Im learning French, Italian, Danish, Vietnamese, Albanian and Polish.Lol you dumbass libtard!He should have created escape square and prolonged.

Rodrigo Aceves

ramanujan was a brute-force math guy that is constantly frowned upon just because he didn't hand a degree in math although he did make a contribution. the mathmagicians are jealous

Kevin Nivek

every time i see fake violin playing, because i’ve played for so long it’s just so noticeable. it hurts.

Nobody 5248

Chris is the Bob Ross of woodwork

Bruno Fitz

Incredible work, a masterpiece! Thanks for sharing! Bruno, Curitiba-Brazil


Defend! Dammit, Defend!

Gaming Samuri


Sakthi Velu

Excellent work keep continuing

Mal kurz nachgefragt

Who doesn't know the famous band "Led Submarine" with their 1 single " Coastway to the Heaven Zone"

Deuce Sommerfeld

let us not forget he almost spelled "Jockstrap"

Matthew Miller

anna looking like a snack, botez lookin like a chug jug

Illegal Memez

Aliekhim eh ehEH


Does it also work in vertical? This could be nice hanging on a wall and playing itself :) This would also solve your space problem...

HEPZ Helping, Expose, Project Zorgo

OMG your videos are amazing! I also watch Heathers channel! Gary and Mike were definitely watching over You, I watch when I get home from school, I lost my Great Grandma 2 months ago from Lung Cancer, I miss her she was 93, My Great Grandpa was 67 when he died. He died in 1987, he fought in WWll. My dad's brother died at the age of 15, from a medical condition.I love your videos, I am subbed to your channel, and Heathers channel! Also Shitfire, and u are amazing!

Renee Riffe

its Friday and you look on a calendar

Matt R.

Love the saitama quote.

Qwerty123 123456

Wtf .. Magnus is king and pawn ending God.

Jimmy Rehman

Has this guy died of Aids yet?

Filthy Honky

I feel like if the prisoner wants the death penalty the courts shouldn't give them what they want ever and make him serve life in solitude


I absolutely destroyed people with the grand prix after thus video

jan brlej

any idea what printer should i buy around 700euros please?

Seth Leoric

Kinda feel bad for this guy's childhood

texas sissy

You go Lou!!

vagin hunter

Sing heran cang

Jim Pearson

Great job, mate. custom made hand tools are a pleasure to use. The combo of brass, copper and Silky Oak is a good one. I'll borrow the copper/Silky idea for decorative pegs (covering screws!) on the next furniture project. We were in your neck of the woods in Sept on a long van trip... Cheers from Shoalhaven NSW