Commonwealth Chess Tournament 2019 Open Cat. Day 1

If more people valued home over gold, this world would be a merrier place.5s vs over a 1min.The scrolling in this run is all broken.We are the American people.Rock captures on h2.Just when i thought this dude was done, he goes into another layer of detail and makes it look even better.What about the wen plunge saw, only 130 on amazon?

At 11:31 if queen takes on f5, he has his draw, no?They got the camera at dollar store.Everyone like adi.A match between hikaru and aronian is kinda hard to watch because i want both to win and carlsen and caruana makes me sick when i hear the word draw.I found the solution to an RFID system that identifies the chess piece on each square.Lookslike " Fidchell" the Celtic board.

I keep telling myself year after year, "someday I'll be as good as all of you crafts people".What an ass XDD.Me: ah, I love the smell of a hospital )Like is you agree!Lincolns voice now in 2019 vs in this video.Yeah John John u lost this big homie.So easy to use, and the finish is beautiful!Since you didn't preheat, the vise WILL break again at the same place.All I can say is GREAT JOB.And how does it came into the chair so fast when you came back upstairs.Jamie's puns are snow good.

This will eclipse that by a large margin.That Info corner xD.I'm surprised Magnus still plays lichess arenas since he co-owns chess24 these days.What happens when time finishes?Is this guy even human?Still dont know where to actually write this code.Teleport insidethe bootle.I did this in my high school and that was 20 years ago.Who remembers Black Gang war?I'd heat it up cherry red and drop it in a river and pray it doesn’t crack.

Great looking build.

Great looking build.

No price tag on the website means "too expensive for you to buy" lol If you think you can't sound perfect with a 600 dollar guitar, you're wrong.Congratulations.That it seems like a very steep learning curve to get better (which is why i actually like chess).Can't find price compassion.Now just what does that tell you about our colleges.My recursive solution :) In python3def CalculateNewPile(pile):    return ((pile4)5)1        def recursiveCalculate(pile,num):    print("Pile ", pile, 'n')    if(num 5):        print("EUREEEEEEEKA")        return True        if(CalculateNewPile(pile).Then I saw how it was to be used!

Luningning Taladro

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Like the bird who flies over the field and doesn’t care about the fences ( 12:25 )

Marcella Valladares

Qg8?? dxc5,- Qe8 Kd6,- Qe6 Kc7,-Qxf7 Kb8 -




Any tips for powering a home lab in an apartment?I doubt very seriously I'll be able to convince them to let me install a dedicated circuit.My primary focus starting out would be a Cisco lab, but I would like to expand that to other areas as time goes on.

Laura Lanna

how did this video only appeared to me today

Seth Jeffrey

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Nd1d vore

3:57 injection lol

Honey Bee

Just watch, one day Onision is gonna be in one of these compilations


what about just Be8 instead of gxh4?

Enrico Tornotti

But your Lie Nielsen plane?!?

Jonathan Chung

I'm not an expert at chess so could someone explain to me why not just move the knight or rook to e4, give up queen in exchange for a bishop (lose in trade but game is still winnable) at 18:20

indian guy

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Twins: Facebook was my ideaMark: Yeah, my bad (6:18)

"There can be only one!"A mathematical version of Highlander.


Works pretty good if you ask me.

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Where's Medo?

Dalton Knorr

Michael "or is it becuase of TIME TRAVEL?!"Me "Don't do this to me.."

John Dough

Great job.Choice of music had me hitting the mute button.Your patience and skill is incredible.Thank you for posting


If you stream games do the pieces just move on your own. Would be a cool horror movie project

Ricardo Freitas

Fantastic! Congrats!

Piyush Singh

Why didn't he just capture the white pawn with the queen at 2:53?

ross nepomuceno

hehehe akala ko nga nag hang na.

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Yeon Tan

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Zorro Zalai

At 8:07 black could have played Be6 to prevent checkmate. ( - , Be6 dxe6 fxe6 Bxe6 Nc6)

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