commandos 2 destination paris mission B7:David and Goliath part 1/4

Are you kidding me?3:00 was what I was waiting for.I made the same blunder by agreeing for a marriage.Thank you Yasser, one of my favorit games and you made it more beautiful with your run-down.

Really nice knife, good hard blade the only stage missed out was the folding and hand forging of the metal to change the metallic structure from crystal to micro platelets laying in the direction of the blade.20 sao ko nhy m F3.I myself played this line many times against strong players and my results were pretty satisfactory.Canales como este le dan sentido transversal a YouTube.Can you Restore my Marriage?For these games, I was not able to guess ANY of the final strategies used by Magnus, before they were presented by GM Williams.What sexual orientation is it when a person prefers oral but doesn't care for the gender and doesn't enjoy penetration or feels more physically attracted helps the enjoy to endure pain or sorrow?We need the video.

Locheed,gruman etc.When I started my first brand I was so impatient when I askfor a design.Cancer just activated fail safe.What am I missing here Kevin?"You've studied the game enough and hence you assume some moves are trivial.Who else love litsening to this guy, some how he makes this so much more pleasing to watch.I've found "APUs" as AMD calls them very interesting for a long time and find the power efficiency improvements really interesting because one of the main limiters on performance right now is heat and more power more heat so less power less heat more room for the chip to run more efficiently.Just waited for you video bro!I played against SonjaLang last week.These guys play like engines jeez.

You could have used a FEN after the illegal move.Sir have you covered difficult question from cengage series.After using an impact driver for screws, hell will freeze over before i would use a drill on a screw.Lc u hi sinh 3 con tt.Cheese: You’re weak.Lol sooo your upgrade kit comes with Haribo gummy bears?

Also, you should really post some type of dimensions or plans on your site for the chessboard and pieces.The house looked like it was once a nice looking home.Grv iyak ko dto.Viva minecraft ostia.Amateurs can't replicate this ever.Short and clear explanation.Kings are on the wrong side TRIGGERED.As a person who plays chess for fun, far too many people don't count pawns as pieces, and it costs them many games.

Peculiar smell to him.Thank you sir for the upload and congratulations for the Paris tournament.I can't even give Chess a pass for these long rounds.Man, you know you're gettin' deep in the Finegold when he asks "What game does this remind you of" and you know it was tal-Botvinnik, and then later when he asks who his last rated loss was, you throw out a random "Sam Sevian" and go 22.Try using a rasp.What an excellent job.Rb6 is the key move.

Sonwabo Amos

ek wittie

Tinh Nguyen Thi


Deon Slatem

HI what is the thickness of the boards please and thin can you go.

Ilkka Lampinen

Finally some great use for pine. Now it's two things what you can do with it, workbench and firewood :)

Dave Clarke

When people see the completed boards, they do not see the work and effort that is put into making them. Great board and video, so well done. I noticed you were experiencing the glue joints slipping under clamping pressure. I sprinkle salt on my glue joints and it does stop them from slipping as you apply clamp pressure.

Mohammed Mohibullah

Allahu akbar

priya Ganesh

But Golan won on time

lk nod

india gave a great game to the world


Unsubscribed, your accent is annoying and teaching is bad (you say completing the square is new), your videos are boring and taught like a kindergarten substitute teacher

Darth Artagnan

Jerry.. do you play chess?I know nothing about you.. other than I've watches 12 of these videos and I love your detailed explanations.. I'd love to see you play sometime.. I know nothing about chess but I can't stop watching these videos.


im researching my genealogical tree and discovered that my paternal grandmother has noble ancestry so i think its question of time until i find my king/queen ancestor haha great video

J. S.

This type of clamp was invented around 1914 by a guy in Germany, Hanover and is called Klemmsia. That Company still exists and their new owners are very active in german speaking you tube channels and social media.

The Anygamer

10:00 Creve Coeur Lake?

Lucija Malari

Is anyone gonna talk about his shoes?

Funny voys

What liquid is this and from where I get this

Smriti kedia

They all saw each other’s penis in the Ancient Olympics when they were naked...

toot tall

I don't knowif it's unnecessarily complex, I don't see other mechanical pencils that can do as many things as this. Besides, it's beautiful, AND it works. Funny thing is, if I hadn't seen you make it, I would think it's like 100 years old.

Den R. P.

What do you do for a living besides pallets? Allot of hours in this with editing of films more?