Your skin from free role skin starlight right?Your Channel is the best!That was a damn fine job.Why does he refer to natural numbers with zero in them?That’s so cool love the top coating.Anyone else just looking at thumbnail trying to figure it out.Your pronunciation is fine agadmator.

Very interesting!

Very interesting!

This would be an excellent toll to train Children to play Chess.Thank you again !Rather than stagger for the second glue up, flip every other strip!Bit of a nasty shock when he found out.Calm down on the basic production.Thanks for sharing Jerry.I bought a Harbor Freight that looks like your plane's brother.Yoooo that garbage bag literally moved 11:15.My boy is a fucking dick.Your universal style, even into the endgames, is gripping.

Why does Magnus look very similar

Why does Magnus look very similar

Thanks for sharing this project.Noone:keith:woaur chesthair is like so- perfectwow.I have seen it done with a board and rolled edge, but this seems much better.Language distance etc are part of the end game.Keren langkah master adik sayang.If you would like to see more chess hustling videos, check out our playlist: subscribe!You can try It and get your money back if you don't like it.Sheet metal screws really only have a use attaching sheet to wood these days though (think 1930s wooden airframes), metal to metal interfacing is usually better done with machine screws, rivets, or welding.How he can breathe?

At 2:31:48 KC loses to a 1750 as white.Thanks my good man!Except for drywall screws - always Phillips.I really appreciate how original your designs are.Who voice is this, very bad.Beautiful lamps in every detail.I love your videos so much!

And your presentation

And your presentation

Wow, You're so beautiful like you Job.(Im a ninja) learning the way of the ninja is only for defense.Can the king move diagonally ?How come no ASA man.Iam rated 1000 and I saw f7 wins the game.Nice history, i love it!

John Whitehill

See why at sign.. ggez bb


Now I can finally beat myself

Ryan Knutson

Use vaseline

James Strommer

people who play chess are shown to have a 17% increase in math scores because of the level of thinking required to play such a game

Ben Small

It’s likley the virus spread to the rest of the world.

luis alfonso jaramillo

Omg I love every video of this channel, amazing work


World champion with a 260p cam and a ugandan microphone

VinciChan s

What can I substitute powdered sugar with?

Robert Weigandt

Feddie that is a great chessboard I love the live edge.

Vic Dean