Coding Interview: King And Queen On A Chessboard - Whiteboard Wednesday

Early on when the knight is pinned, can white try Nde2, either instead of the queen coming out or developing the dark square bishop?At least you're not using ramen noodles lol.Please use the speed option in settings to speed up the video if you feel that the video is too slow.He is giving the opponent a chance to win.NOT" They killed u".

Saudi Arabia has cases now its not on the map also Jordan I'm sure many has but still didn't declare it.The kid is damn relaxed, what the hack.He will never ever beat Carlsen.Lincon I get you’re pain I’m a minecrafter like you.You're probably just one of those people who thinks of math and science in the way school has taught it in an impossible framework.Mam aapki recipe try ki bahut yummy thi.Why that glue up.Magnus missed 2 opportunities to win Black Q then fork the Rooks starting with Nc3 then Nb6.That is broccoli, could you not find a single picture of a cabbage?

1:30 Ha4 chiu tng bt tt.Itu tehnik jadul.The six year old girl is adorable, she forgot to push the timer hahaha.Good work fella.Is his phone vibrating around 16:00?I remember the west’s they knocked down there house it was that bad!I'm working with a backwards pattern board, tiny pieces, my head hurts.

Kingcrusher's laugh is funny :).Unlike true limit where you approach a number without ever actually reaching it.I'm a bit worried you'd be eating a lot of glue though.The Germans showed their relative poverty in the air with stopgap and makeshift contraptions such as the tandem bomber suspended under a FW190 as their 'strategic bomber'.What has alsocaught my interest here is your bed supported parting blade.The famous queen sacrifice 17.1:26 dog goes insane.The square root of -1 is not equal to i.Omg i need that backpack.

I like it: But I really like

I like it: But I really like

It's so calming and not too distracting so i can get my work done and still enjoy the music.I am Opponent and Computer mate!1:46 card was spelled wrong.Watched at 2x speed and it was still an excruciatingly longgame.Many solutions on this topic are implemented for 3D: NavMesh, a algorithm, wave algorithm.What's the meaning of berserk rate in this video?Just bought my first drill press last week and I'm definitely going to try this.

You can't see just by looking at the folders if home is on the same partition or has its own partition.Could someone pls explain provide resources that explains why b4 is not a good idea for white 6:10?I saw all of that.How old is the little gypsy?But I am never sit in my entire life -division agent.

Good music for this

Good music for this

He looked like combination of chris Hemsworth and matt damon.This was exactly what I wanted to know about planes.Love your video.We missed you so much.Sir do u have an account in lichess?

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Oi,vou tentar fazer, amei,


Wood turning looks so fun and useful... It scares the hell out of me! I definitely don't need another thing to throw money at


beautiful work... pure master pieces.... how long do you soak the boards in the oil? thanks, we really appreciate your work

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Holy fuck that's an awesome chess board!!!!! You are truly talented!

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I have that lol


I find this very hard to understand. I guessed all the moves made by Morphy, when you said "stop the video".I thought about them 2-4 minutes every time.And I'm a 1300 ELO player.So, am I a genius ? I doubt it.Was Morphy a 1300 player ? Is there another explanation ?I understand tactics are not everything (opening, planning, endgame mastery are essential to be a strong player), but still.

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How it is checkmate??


thanks for this, it was very informative

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So do they really bet or nah lol

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Jaaaay blac.. I said yoooo. We gotta talk about how bad champion predictions r

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Tank Men

Lol look at jerry rig , poor man .


Just amazing. Love relaxing in bed with my tablet watching your artistry, Z

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Can't pack a bowl though

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crazy lil dude

I feel bad for that preety girl.. She didn't noticed that she is playing king in the same lane.. :(

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13:35 best answer ever


Using a rank as a roadway for the major pieces is a technique that often can make an attack decisive, quickly switching sides with the major pieces. Noticing that the fourth rank is that in this game is important, and not particularly hard to find once you have used the technique to success a few times. Since agadmator nearly always points out rook lifts that are way less powerful - "Another nice rook lift"- I find it puzzling as to why he repeatedly says this idea is hard to find in this game. Maybe it is noticing that Qa4 gives the queen access to all of its key squares depending upon where black tries to run with his king.

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Prentends to know what a factorial is. Ah yes of course so easy.