Cloud9 vs. Dignitas | RLCS S6 World Championship | Grand Finals

We have Friday 7 working hours day now.) but i think mozaer never play chess :))) ha ha but i still wait for a russian man go world champion.Pretty nice game.Ah, my daily ejection of happiness.Hearing the first notes and being swarmed by nostalgia.You can drive a Robertson screw with a flat head.I am a champion Garry Kasparov.You havemade a good accurate gauge of that.

Kh lu ri ko thy c ngi mi ni ln nh ng Trng Sn cng ch tm trung bnh khu vc.While I admit this is an utterly bad ass move that displays a lot of confidence, I also think it's kind of a disrespectful move.Anyway Great video bythe way.Iam rated 1000 and I saw f7 wins the game.That's like every drunk game I've ever played.And dyne means force.Now I want an JCNC over an x-carve.Puzzle :rd3check, Kc8.The pan at what temperature does it have to be?

People just believe anything.Sex is better after a fight they say.Assault and pepper!He's not thinking consciously until he does some brief calculation - which I still can't follow quickly enough.Love how ted bundy tried to help.Then it’ll pour easier while it’s warm after you take them out.Where can I find that type of LED light?So smart God created that Mr.

"How to escape poverty"

"How to escape poverty"

I love the fishing pole trap, one of my favorites.Imagine waking up and feeling the desire for lifeSometimes I think back to the time when I only had two arguments, that we live on a globe and that boats disappear on the horizon.The culture in professional chess is bias and racist.So That's the famous Rubenstein.Well done BM, subbed.You know you’re a thespian when, don’t clap at the end of the first movement. I've been wanting to make or buy one that is about 3 feet long and 2 feet wide.This tips are actually pointless They are after the fact.Oti labas dziesmas!

Whtat type of wood is that.You have a metal lathe you could have used to turn down the corners on the round mallet very easily.What crap is this guy going to say this time.On the other hand, after the exchange on c3, Black can play Qc7 followed by d5!Gotta be honest, you could have probably done it in 24 seconds if you was motivated enough (southern voice).Mom said one more video before bed.In the game white could do it because it had the other knight going to f5 and taking away h6 square from black's king (around 18:35).

I know you're well experienced- but

I know you're well experienced- but

At about 9:40, black queen to d7, wouldn't that protect them both?They play like amateurs.But it turns out to have been a pretty expensive piece of wood, from what I can see.Coding time 10%, the rest is naming variable.Brilliant video fellas.Would make a good movie.After beating Scott got up from the table, confused and shaking with anger.(my audio doesn't work so I watched all the video in mute.Oh my HEART Iori Skin 3Beautiful First Blood.Morphy played some crummy players.

I only wish I was like him

I only wish I was like him

" I am missing that line.I don't know if you've ever considered being a teachercoach, motivational speaker.Excellent Job as always !Jerry is so relaxed and mellow.It might be if you make a ratcheting system with basically zero flex.If you didn't win I can't imagine what the winner's project looked like because this is an awesome idea that ended up being an awesome table.


It looked like he cheated at 9:34


Where is Magnus Carlsen ?

Aayush siroya

Brilliant.....whoever is making these videos.......subscribed and bell icon pressed.........impressed

bernard dubois

excellent, what patience you have sir and the result in the end is more than magnificent, thank you sir.

It's Because

the black screen transitions are jarring. fix that.

Bobby Junior

Is this game for SALE yet? It says you can buy it, but I haven't seen an unboxing video about it.

Candy Ann Parreo

Iyak at tawa lang ako...parang baliw n ako....totoo pala ng kung sino yung madaling mag patawa xang may mabigat n dinadarama

Tenma Bates

This is actually cool and all, but whointhe general populationof peopleare actually gonnathink ofthat.

Captain America

Tang ina, pinoy ka pala, natawa ako sa sinasabi nung cute na panda Kala ko, indo or thai ka


At 22:23 it is blacks move - to capture the rook-BUT white is supposed to mate on the next move. I don't see it and I don't think he ever shows the mate although that is a good lesson.

Pratik Gautam

I feel so guilty that I literally feel like crying.


No ios?

Sidique Geloo

Every time I feel likedissing this show, I stop cozI always feel Remy Ma will beat my ass when she sees me

Hey I'm a Maker

Looks so nice! I have no idea how to play, but I always thought that the boards looked neat!

Aryan Khobragade

What about 1..RxBf4 at last

Randy Direen

Ah! So awesome!


My first opponent was my dad in the ouija

CK Zslmr

this is one of the best videos ever

zachary zurfluh

I literally have the same vice and it broke in the exact same spot . I've tried welding it up a couple times with no success

Taylor Martin

What pigment is that? I am looking for the exact same color for a pour I'm planning

Linda White

Awesome work


That was a very interesting analysis. I've often started with awkward positioning like that when I was young against a friend and he would often question my thinking but really I had no clue, I was just playing on of my pawns because that's mostly all I could do for start (except knights) and eventually he would always beat me anyways because he was indeed better at chess than me. I've beat him only once and that was when we were both drunk lol Checkmate my mate ! XD

Victor Villagomez

Bunch of unhinged and lonely losers

Bluefields Painters Plus

Need adderall just to listen to him

kumar p singh

Make vieod on indian defence

Firepaw 727

I like how I hate ads in the biggining of the vid but yet I love watching 11 minute ads