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I wonder as the marble machine X goes on world tour, how much does humidity effect the timing as wood swell and shrink.Thats actually an awesome look huge lighter where can we actually buy the new one ?For the people that thinks Garry or Fisher were the best, they're just fanatics.Wow, this Carlsen-guy has some talent!

(Slow Clapping)p.I Love your channel.I thought you were building a giant waffle when I first saw the thumbnail.Good job mister president!When I become a teacher for kids I hope I will have a class at 1pm and 2pm so I can use the 2x joke.You make me dizzy, my head is spinning.He is indeed but he's also quite disrespectful.

''Obviously well experienced, and fully competent, without loads of boring ''waffle'' like some.Mark Pinski's book on the Simpsons is also extremely enlightening.Great video and a very nice pair of legs showing up on the job was nnnnnnice, a good surprise as well.That's is a super nice game board.Can't he moveout of check by moving back one space?Sana sa uulitin same character's ang gagaling nila tagos sa puso nkaka cry.Given that many use "i" as index in for loops, I guess it's confusing to call the instance "i" as well.

We are building a home here in Costa

We are building a home here in Costa

Lemme tell yall this,YOUTUBE RECOMMENDATIONS ARE BECOMING WIERD AND WIERD.Certainly didn't find her in a skip.Aage ki chal kaise chalega.Yeah but that peice of paper would be the thiccness of LIKE ALOT but it will look liike a piece of string.I almost never make that bishop knight exchange in a position like that.

Hey man, can you please explain to me why this guy resigned when he did?Does it fall apart?You could try that, but you would be opening yourself up for an attack and because you don't control the opponents portal you can't control where the pieces will exit.I mean he could run this prg on an other computer, and even the engine used by chesscube couldn't spot it out.Where can I find the background video?Cs:1392)UnityEditor.White is suppose to win the game.Beautiful game, learnt a lot through all the different moves you explained, well done and great choice brudda.

And do you know what ale's main ingredient

And do you know what ale's main ingredient

Wow Excellent VideoTutorial David!" Dad to Son: "Well you're going to have to pick one,because you can't be both!I just broke up with my 3 year girlfriend and i have no friends, so you are my only company most of my nights, thank you for your videos and analisys.No matter how good you are nor how bad you are.Funny and very instructive, Thnx!8:00 why is knight c3 bad?Perdi quase 5 minutos pessimo jogo prefiro o jogo aqui no buteco do beisola todo mundo com suvaco suado esbarando na mesa chingando quem passa na rua atoa.

Yes open up some lanes to queen.Useful projects for stoners.Good info thanks.Owhh I'm using hostinger too.Old and overpriced thechnology.It sucks going into the end game missing your queen, or a rook !The question was, "What is the least number of attempts necessary to light the torch?La Massoneria conosce bene la filosofia e' altrettanto la teologia.Crabs sell spongebob's soul for some cents?

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wow there good at chess but the black side did it wrong when he presses the clock by the queen in tournament thats illegal

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Unaffectionate 14:24 whenever anyone is affectionate to them

Why Soitanly

Reminiscent of Victor Borge but allows himself to actually finish a piece.

Jacob Lyn

I was able to connect myself with Capablanca but from second video he started winning so I lost the connection.

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Did his opponent forfeit?

Penguin of Death



Alex is awesome. Like him.

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2.0 and it's still slow

Dawn Starr

I love your Channel watching you take something old and cleaning it up and making it new again