Classic Chess Games: Bobby Opens the Diagonals!!

Sounds like a plan, the best ideas are the most simple and it was staring me in the face for all these years!How do they know their list of alternatives is complete?7:47 a human hmm, who would have thought.And this is why windows is installed and used by almost all the people in thewhole world.Love crap wood challenge.You are amazing dude.

Love all of your videos I

Love all of your videos I

Your fckng VIDEO will show NOTHING.This is so cool!Stopped watching.14:20boo that is good, yeah i like that.1:25 child molester reference did no age well.If I had you in front of my I would give you a big hug!Your lucky baby didntTake dump on wood.You may want to skip that part and offer it as an upgrade or make a limited number without rubber feet.

So let's get back to 2D.

So let's get back to 2D.

Eugene looks pretty attractive when he makes those cocktails he should be a proff.Black play can win.Ok one more question what's the crossover points and the octave level of each?I agree, the coordinates are kinda annoying.No one would do it so complicated in real life.I'm listening while working in my home, this set is so relaxing and calming down that is perfect for concentration!Is the marble lift going to also play tight?I dont understand 4:08 why is it stalemate?Never forget: You are worth it!I always love your videos.

Have you seen the MTM wood video from Jan 2015?So I'm really interested that the Mars rocket will be their 20th mission to mars!Love the old fireplaces upstairs.My sister saw this.Don't try to do this at home.Problems with knight's moves?Or mark my words niggas gonna run out they contracts and keep it moving on them.Okay I am a complete beginner, only studied chess for a few days, but can anyone tell me why Wesely didn't capture the pawn with the night at 17:30 after he checked the king with the rook?Rather I should say the theory of lIfe.At about 2:10, you explain that when White plays Nh3 rather than Nf3 in the Dutch, his idea is to get to e5 faster (Nh3-f4-d3-e5).

This is giving me

This is giving me

The Star head is the best, i dont know who invented that.That bow looks so awesome and I wish I could afford to have you make one for me.I could do the legitimate way of the lock.Nxc6 really winning a piece?So it should be up now?And bishop takes knight rook E4?Could Fischer have one faster and more elegantly by not taking the bishop and pursuing a different plan?And i still dont understand this game.Zhask:i have a God level bug ever!

Aaah I was waiting or the guy

Aaah I was waiting or the guy

At 11:57What about Rxe8.Where can I buy a piece like this?I believe I had lost sight of that.If you hammer pine with a rounded head hammer the dent will smooth out as the humidity increases, i use this method when i want close joints, i deliberately dent the meeting points on the wood, then dampen with water to close up the gaps.Be sure to click on notification so you won't miss future videos.H5 followed by Bh4 draws the game as the black king is cut out of the white camp by the d and h pawn and bishop, by not playing this and allowing black to play 55.Ive been a big big fan of Naka for a long time, BUT there are a lot of "Body language" stuff showing that the opponents really count over the board and also we can see several games where he launches risky ( Gambit like ) openings against very strong GMs.Sir How to learn g codes easily.White can recapture while also stopping the mate having queen can move to f1.


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Martin Conneally

The moves naka sees 5mins into playing komodo (threats) are the same moves some humans play against me in blitz even though I generally play 1400-1600. This is why I KNOW I'm playing an engine and yet even though detects and bans these engine users why after years of playing on here have I not been given my lost rating points back. I'm guessing if I had even if it's a small amount of times over the years I would be 100-200 points higher. This is not trivial to me. It's also unfair to the average 1200 user who would be a bit higher and is more likely to be less demoralised by not


Just curious why initially you have to overbuild so much?It seems like you have to remove a lot of material unnecessarily.

Phc Anh Nguyn

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Monika Deswal

if roberts would have taken rook at d1 it would have been a check mate to mikhail tal


Imagine you're in the audience and doesn't know what the fuck is going on for 5 whole hours waiting for the handshake. LMAO

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