City Corner: Circus Flora (A Trip to the Moon)

Great game, exploiting those light square weaknesses.Hello, putting together a somewhat small team of animators, effect artists, modelers, sound people and etc to make a high quality animation.This thing looks awesome!It shows voldemorts evil side, and not the whole NYEAHHHHHHHHHHH, and Nyahahaha, or well done draco.It's so cringy watching you.38:55 just block with the knight and then push the pawn past the light squares.

I know how to play it.I just realized that coding isn't as difficult as people make it seem.Vay thi khai cuoc scadinavian thi sao ha chu chu hay lam video kia vs scadinavian.President Trump nowadays is the best watchguard for the hard-fought American freedom, sovereignity and supremacy.Very informative and truthful.The guy is a freak.

I really like nimzo-larsen attack, because it is

I really like nimzo-larsen attack, because it is

I WOULD LIKE TO KNOW THE SIZE OF THE BOARD.Who is this RebeccaHarris guy he is beating Magnus.You give great insight without sidetracking to much.Me: was ready for Rose to come in.I don't think your method would allow you to create with the help of a boy 350 drawers in 10 hours work.

We need Dude Decent channel!You don't know how knight go.Can i work for you sir.What the hell is this?Hey mate, you fuckin kick ass.Anyone else noticed that Agadmator has a new top 1 donation?That is built to last:-).Impressed that you went and got a yellow one to test it.

Thanks for being cool:):):):):):):).

Thanks for being cool:):):):):):):).

Looking at the grain distribution is like looking thru a kaleidoscope.Kasparow is the best.Thats hos I earned $9 on amazon.I usually spread to the corner trying to grab the king since they castle alot.Do a video tlking about that.Just watched the video and went on lichess tactics.I guessed 3130 (5 to the fifth 5).04    queen d2 will directly lead to mate instead of qe4.Thake that Flat Earthers.

Another hyper aggressive game from

Another hyper aggressive game from

That was a cool game, so shut up!Finally you use Biscuits for tenons instead of crafting mitre corners, sigh, such a wasted time you have on this project.Piano plays:Fake violinist: Guess I’ll play!Uh, not sure it's technically a queen sacrifice, but I haven't played seriously for more than 10 years.What if Ba5x take the Kc3?Jimmy Diresta, your job is fantastic!NOW SAY WIKE AON ZAY.

Simply amazing, thanks for all the time you spent on this, Jerry!This is supposed to be the norm of all new games.Bro night dogs anduku vintaga arustayi vatiki amana kanapadtaya.They shouldn’t be blamed for a lack of masks for the NHS either."The white player surely exists, he was an old clubmate of mine.Raiding the orchard and has he got the bottle lol.

Yes people, we were made this way by the Creator God - nothing else comes close to explain it.Once such scenario is to defend your empire against a horde of peasants!16:10 Qb4 wins instantly for black, I am guessing something wrong with the move order ?Just finished it now in six sessions.No portuguese subtitle (.Looks ace mateSubbed.What is the black man's name, please?Trump genius to up tariffs!

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Next put jig saw and miter saw on one table..


Interestingly aswell, Tal usually puts his light square bishop on d3. I usually go for the fisher move of Bc4 but that runs into an accelerated a6-b5. I will try to play d3 next time I face the Sicilian and sack a knight for two pawns :-D :-D :-D :-D

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We had two of rom cards, but theyre broken now. Im glad, i didn't know they were illegal. We bought it from thailand and didn't know it was illegal. I was like 6 at the time

libertatem habet pretium

" There is no Salvation in this game." Classic Carlsen!


20:51-52 sounded like a disembodied evil voice whispered Something I can’t make it out , the best I could hear sounded like something said bull S? WHAT Do you think it was Sergeant what do you think it said

Akash Singh

4 ludo player alive

David Alex

at 5:29 why not just Qc4, after that it's checkmate in at most 4 moves right? If black Rxc4 then you continue with your 2 rooks, if black queen moves anywhere else on her diagonal, you capture her with white queen and continue with your rooks


It feels so long ! But it is only 5 min!!!


can you analyze viktor corchnoi’s french defence against mikhail tal?

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"If you set the bar low, you'll never be disappointed" -thatguy088


This is a dart cabinet, not a dart board.

The Kid Never moves the pawn and blocks it

Frank Costello

'spectators' made me laugh...

Bruce Welty

HAHAHAHAHA really amazing


outstanding move

Gullafrumpton S

What a relaxing video. Subbed

LoveLeslie 4Ever

That's what he said

Wayne M

Slow down! You're going to lose a finger!


you want to play "guess who?"well 'Guess who' is playing 645 games

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I love her shit but sitting through all these ads makes me appreciate the people who don’t so much more

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This is just awesome


I sure dig these old school agadmator videos