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Someone help please.This music sure is magical.Com 1541 rating, I not only didn't see that, it would have taken me centuries to find that set of moves.

It woud bew better if oyu change a

It woud bew better if oyu change a

Lets call you the wood doctor.You could only imagine if John Williams returned for DH part 2 how he would have reinterpreted this to a massive epic scale.What did we do before power tools?"Get the Bishop involved into the game"--I've never heard this expression before.One of these is guaranteed to work.

I lobe your

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My guess is much more than actually buying a ready made workbench.Beautiful build and chessboard!What kindwhere do you get your plywood?Something moving.This happened about 3 weeks ago.Aha, I see Pascal's triangle terms in the 2nd solution as the coefficient for each ei.

I'm on Mac btw not mobile.

I'm on Mac btw not mobile.

Split your soul, seven parts of a whole.More drama is not possible !This information was not given at first.January 04 2020.But I will not stop reading human poetry if computers eventually master and transcend us in that respect, though I would certainly read it and learn from it what I could.

Some videos are about

Some videos are about

Fuck warshep sucks.I’ll just get a job then.Great video, classic tool, the other designs are complicated and THEY ARE NO BETTER.16:33Ask Karpov a question he doesn't like and you get the bird."Week was silver"Year will be gold!I have watched all the youtube videos and they are very helpful in terms of technique.Anyone else that does construction probably feels somewhat similar.

What was the cycle time for facing and profiling the OD?This movie was my childhood.As a simple chess amateur I never knew there were chess schools with kids learning the game, this is one of the most adorable thing I've ever seen!Look at his recent battles on big stages he fumbles the ball everytime.Thanks sir for your nice code with all js and a very attracting reaction when you code.And make a live edge table!One can't beat Chuck Norris.I can't imagine Jerry losing to this for some reason xD.8:56 why not knight to c3 ?GM Jan Gustafsson is one of the best chess commentators.

Nicholas Formica

what if black doesn't attack and uses e6

Dani ALNashi

Amazing game by Fischer! By the way, I wonder if you want to show us the game played between Alekhine and Feldt in 1916.

A lot of jocks .. bad lecture

ngelo Paulino

LoL! Phantasmagoric!!! xDD

Brian Gak

2:50 damn i was so close... i guessed Friday

MIke Anonymous

Nice work!

Maycon Vitali

Why the guy didn't take the black horse with the white horse at 1:53?

Michael Howell

Shout out dbz fan fam

Jeremy Bader

fantastic show as usual, keep these coming! they are soooo entertaining and instructive for me

Rakesh Mehra

Small request Sagar! Can you raise the camera to get better top view. Some of the pieces are camoflaused in this angle . Just requesting to raise the camera up a little bit. Thanks, love your videos always ...


10:37 why not play Bishop to g1 check then pick up the queen?

Vanin Web Solutions

He couldn’t have defended the bishop on f3 with Qh1?

Sam Valladares

What an incredible game!

nicholas lombardo

what material did you use for your mold cast?

Peri Feue

Thanks Jerry!, BTW - can you link to the live stream analysis of the upcoming games?

ben smith

hi,more intersesting than the title implied,good work mr techmoan,keep it up aub.

Nathan Hannon

Valve will save the Linux desktop. They are. But not in the way he meant.

Trevor Howard

After 11 minutes of video tips I decided to subscribe. Jim Heavey is not your usual shouty, condescending knowall trying to show how knowledgeable he is, whilst bombarding me with electronic "music" or cacophonous heavy rock. Sensible and affordable ideas. So far, so good.