Chocolate Chess Pie (Custard)

Great job, I like it, thanks.Who's back from Part 2?San mahahanap full episode.It was over 8 years ago guys!

To be true, it was the second time that finger got butchered: the other time was a long time ago with a wood chisel - it was much worse but I managed without stitches.I think if Tesla had his way we would have the magneticelectrical ideas to make the ultimate version of this.Better than touhou.Looking forward to seeing what kind of watch designs you guys come up with.Hey everyone :D !Hobby saya ini, boleh la main sama."raise your hand if you want to say something.Someone make a circular car that goes on a cycloid track!But you think it is possible to simply hold a piece in your hands, you know, because if you just won't release it, then the opponent did not win a queen, but a pawn.

First, the position obviously dictates how the snake moves.Naka still deserves a praise for going into this gangster variation, he probably was inspired by A.So If I do then the rest do better or same.Orbs flying around when you opened the box!Yes I realize that I am probably not going to reach expert level regardless of teacher, but the IM couldn't teach, while the class A was an excellent teacher.Now we have all three parts.This was beautiful.Yasser is the Bob Ross of chess.

Sorry can someone clear this up for me,

Sorry can someone clear this up for me,

Itook down a new hard drive by yanking the power cord from the back of the power supply (while trying to diagnose a software issue).How do you set the plane blade to avoid continuously planing the board away with the bottom of the blade?I’m certainly late to comment, but Maybe you’ll find some of those mysterious Kenny Linn show recordings from one of your other videos on that reel.Also known as the monster of Belgium.I can't wait to watch your episode of that game.Okay but the banana guy it's beautiful.Television and Movies are not supposed to be real life.My impact socket set has been foamed ten years of 6 days a week and she’s still good.New videos coming for ya fam.


I learnt this in grade 10 Canada

memeos 12

Of COURSE! It's all so simple now!

Paul B

Better title :how to help liars improve their skills

Patricia Sandoval

Your work is wonderful.I missed how do you power it?

Alex Nuschke

How can I find his other game he spoke about where black accepts the gambit on e4?

Carlos Baeza

simply wonderful, a work of art.

I really enjoyed this video. I learned something fun today. Thank you.

quynh anh nguyen

anand nghi gi ma lau the nhi

mrpogi 22

The best ang episode na to Walang love ang nagdislike nito


first time i have heard of a king moving to a corner in the endgame to evoide checkmate


26:37? :D


I like how chill the music makes your videos feel.

David HAN [10C02M]

The hippo is such a solid opening.


Holy fuck 2 tb of memory god damn

I have been seduced by the beautiful dio man

I have that lol


Pretty sure there's less gravity on Mars


Cameraman has add

Henry Jensen


Boosh Comix

the sick kid sniffing into the mic every five seconds is brutal.

Rajib Das

S. Ramanujan is a great mathematician in the world

It’s Me

This video should be more than 3 minutes