Chicken Casserole Supreme

Ned's crazed eyes at 13:36 when he says "I have a big ol' gap between my drawers" is me during finals week.I think knight to d4 would have been a good mov ebefore resigning for black.Than is white without Nb5.Qued bonito felicidades.Well you know what to do now son.Royce has one of the greatest speaking voices of allTime.Bobby's last years kinda cringe doe.

The rest was just annihilation of opportunity.Keep a look out for his first film!Always explain everything so everyone can understand how to turn the correct way Thank You.Six weeks late, my health is in their hands?If I could vote it would be for Bernie.Think framework likes a tool, if you know the fundamental concepts it will not take much time to learn a framework.School 2020: "im gonna buy a pc".Edit: I can't even draw it 2D!

When I first started into handtools, I used sandpaper (scary sharp) but eventually abandoned it for diamond plates and waterstones.You had to get the matcha only one, it’s tea kitkat.Two quick questions.The microphone could be of a bit better quality.Quite a f-ed up story if you think about it.You would beat me in any game any day but Blitz isn't really close to your heart isn't it?This is a terribly sad case.Nice video Chris, very helpful.

The placing down of pieces by a human player in the video seemed to be deliberately very firm (much harder than a human player would normally do).Zajebista robota!Saya minta jasa baik kalian untuk doakan saya semoga dipermudah kan segala urusan saya,.Simon still sporting the mohawk.Boby is the ches god.Alot surely is happy now in heaven.

Classy robert frost reference at the end.Carlson's lab performed a repair on one almost like the Sony.That's truly innovative.You should show the full game first then analyze with commentary.I literally just hit my head the exact same way on my way to take a nap today.These kids and their fast brains.2:16 whaaaat I'm super noob and I won a 6 move game and some 4 move games what the heck.Anyone know where else we can get them?Ali has already won.

I was told the "fuel" denatured alcohol would not work for shellac because it has too high a ratio of methanol, no?He "rocked'em, socked'em and didn't lose his shirt", which was American naval doctrine at the time.MORE CRASH COURSES!And im 1500 elo.Could you tell us, how much torque the engine have?How to do that without background image?I would also probably cut four crenellations in the top of the rook, although you could argue that violates the otherwise minimalist theme.It has nothing to do with your content.Morphy was an amateur, too, but genius amateur.

They're playing like average.What kind of wax do you use on 44?I just can't imagine a world where Russia would be an Islamic country.Play()d "LEFT"else if(key 38 dir !Now when homeowners think something is expensive they realize all the detailed attention and work that is done to make it look great.STUPID QUESTION BY KILLING GERMANS.Try to keep the queens such that every queen attacks all the other remaining queens.

no body

just to confirm a negative number is always an i number right?


cuevasdecamuy well, there you are talking about the metagame. I'm talking about the game, the moves, the plans etc.

william decarr

I could sware I saw a foot come through the ceiling when it broke threw.

George Maratos

Farwell Aragog. The body will decay, but the spirit lingers on.

Imran King

Great work dear Majnu.. Thnkx a ton..

Agrim Puriya

Nah, i'm gonna stick to quadratic formula and splitting the mid-term.

siva kumar

8:03 Finally Agadmator realised that no point in asking me to pause the video to find the best move.. Lol

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That yogurt bread just looks like wet gluten free bread (I say as a celiac who bakes my own bread).