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I had to subscribe and keep watching what a project you created.What about extending a mobius loop extra dimensionally?Bending and cracking(breaking) are two different Things.He identifies the weak square around his opponent's king early, then does two things to exploit it.

Absolutely stunning joineryTwo questions - that's some really nice furniture grade oak, who's your timber supplier?Congrats on 10 years, keep it going!You could make 5d chess with this flattening method as well you have only extended one axis from a top down view now if you extend in another axis it will be 5d chess of coarse it gets exponentially more complicated but that's the point.Very, very,beautiful.They are soooo entertaining and instructive for me.You really make it look easy.That would avoid the noise of the other team, and conceal the information from getting into the other team's ears.

"Why're you doing this?

"Why're you doing this?

I cannot find it in play store.If you have its video actual match please give a link.Ace of Hearts (God) and in the beginning it was dark until the Lord said "Let there be light (A2) and everything that came forth from darkness into light multiplied the white squares all over the universe in perfect divine order.But holy moly I love watching your logic on this stuff, it is so satisfying.I like how you called Caruana Carlsen 5 times.You start a vid, you then cannot stop listening.

OBOZAVAM FATAZIJA.9:12 Of course not, you put one single strip in the middle as close to the epoxy as possible and expect it to light all up from the below, are you serious?Beautiful door, outstanding craftsmanship.Wonderful instruction.Kunniramayanam movie full idu.These idiots aren't going to give you enough time.

It was fantastic.Watch on, as these awesome machines get you fired from your job, mass producing items from slowly renewable material sold for a slant to a wide crowd, that will throw it to garbage the next day.You've been Magnused.I think I would of crapped myself a few times!Imagine: A God of War veteran that plays chess for the first time beats the world chess champion.Waooo no lo creo ni yo misma cuanto he aprendido grasias.Puzzle's answer:Rh2 Kg1 Rh1 Kxh1 Qh3 Kg1 Ne2.Hey you guys should cut open the air max 270 by Nike shoes."soon, instead of working with inches, you're staring at feet.

Cameron MacDonald

You really have the knack for teaching. You really "hammer" home some great ideas. I love your approach to wood working with your emphasis on ergo-economics. "Ergo-economic"? Not sure if it's an actual dictionary word but like your joiners mallet it seams fitting... both a person's budget and their hands... Thanks Rex! Oh, and by the way, I have a few friends that are your weekend woodworker types and I am going to recommend your channel to them. Lets face it, Izzy Swan could learn allot from you.


Its all good , we love the accent in the U.K. its an accent that everyone has tried to mimic at some time in their life .

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I feel frustrated every time they repeat the same mistake I mean... It's a damn neural network, it shouldn't repeat mistakes twice!!!

Dijkstras DK

Outstanding work!

Mwangi Kimani

1:04:10 A great positional player does not blindly follow universal positional rules. Magnus wants to keep blacks bad Knight on h5 as long as possible, HOWEVER this is not at the expense of black getting some counter play against his excellent Bishop on e5. Positional chess at high level is akin to comparing apples and oranges, and making an accurate determination.

Aswath Kishore

Recently I have been watching chess videos as I got interest in it. In some games I see a wire connected to the board. I have no idea about it and what its purpose.Can anyone explain please??


Where is the walnut

stephen hogg

Wow!He made 3200.Has that even been done before?


Hahaha, meneer mandje. Goede naam, mand!