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My son is also six years old and I think he is better than them (1400 rating in chess.Haha he said he would be glad to pay more for time with just a flat 18k quote.Eric should narrate books.3:37 There's Blockbusters in Alaska?You see when you damage your frontal cortex, your messing with your decision making part of your brain which explains his impulsive actions.

Perhaps you need to concentrate on what you are conveying.Break lights maybe?5:47 People died because of this number (square root of 2).The problem is, many Fried Livers play BxF7 instead of the knight taking, which puts the White king in check.Get ur numbers right.

Elizabeth : Barbossa.

Elizabeth : Barbossa.

Wala na tung oblivion diba?Until someone other than Verbatim makes it I'll give PVA and hardy hello.Try playing some of the lower rated ones - they will make mistakes.Anand dominated this game with his defence.24:35 I saw a bunch of orbs.Should have given the lower rated guy more chances than 2.

Ramanugan was a prey of this type of Official people even though he knew more than all of them combined.I would recommend at 19:52 - 19:54 the mu Queen to f5, this wins on the spot!Am i the only guy who uses 2 hands on this timed games?The answer is 72.Dobrze kurwa aaaaaaaaaa!You're dead to me.First comment of 2020.People in the comments looking for the time stamp for the cheat, do you not want to watch the game?

From top and bottom

From top and bottom

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Chandler McCoy

Yo you guys hear the clave part in the music at 11:22? It plays something different from the pattern it plays over and over!!...Yeah okay I'm rated like 550 on


Excellent video...


What app did you use for editing videos please


imagine coming to a place to learn and coming out with more questions

Bewitched Angling

Stop sayin fitament...theres no "a" in the word fitment.

Mac Kinnon

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Kan Rup

human would not usually use a strategy like that. not a bad tactic either.

Mostafizur Rahman

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Tony Smith

Simply a great video with no unnecessary bullshit.