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You made us cry lalo na si Vance at gumanap na Nanay.But ouch - definitely not for novices.Its a known design you can make a video with.

I absolutely love your videos but I hate the sound of clicking buttons and someone chomping gum !34:10 better was be moved vertical g5 and we gain quality.Factorio becoming reality.Beautiful work man.I'm curious about what beer you had.16:06 chiiiillll turn on subtitles you’ll see what I mean in case you’re deaf." waterfall of 3D benchiesMe: looks at 3D printer forlornly as it prints another 3D benchy at this very second.

Very cool to have.

Very cool to have.

Hey, can you fix my wallet?I want to become an artisan in creating electronic devices, such as cameras, what major and minor should I consider taking in engineering?Steve, we are so completely in agreement here, it's eerie.So why does she say this stuff with a smile on her face i dont see anything to be smiling about.Wag ka nmn umiyak jan miss.Bro i had done this on my PC and i got it it very very very nice video (v.

I bet I can do it

I bet I can do it

"Extremely imperative" is redundant.Can we do that ourselves also?Instead of a steel slug, use lead shot.They are dominating the entire industry!ButI didn'thavewipping hot cream.Hammer is doing in the first game.

I think I spend an hour a day on this channel.Only thepros can afford slyde saws.You can't expect Italians to know about every spec of American history.That's pretty neat."Everybody was troubled by the 1.By the way in what store can we find this book you take your examples from?Thanks, you explain things well.: More 5min tournies please, they're the best!

Creativity king

10:10Qg1 Rxg1(only move)and Kf2

Commander Stix

Haha, Remember back In the days where there were only 2 gendersWomen and men were still considered equal(They still are)people didn’t get in trouble for a false rape accusation I am jealous of my ancestors


The intro made me laugh so hard. Poor Eric

simon place

not factoring in the problems from having calculators and phones different, just baffles me.i had assumed it was a big business market preservation move or not invented here, thing.

fric stix

Magnetic chessboard and pieces

Chess with Suren

Dear chess lovers by "liking" the video or filling the comments section with your comments you are promoting this beautiful game known as chess, and also motivating me to work with a doubled enthusiasm. Thanks for your support!Here is an awesome chess puzzle for you known as ""The King's Grave:

Dennis Emond

Suren's commentary is so nice to listen to. I am a fan of the classic "Lets go back" and "Hello Chess Lovers".

Jacob Lu



Jan is so lovely. His mother raised him well. Magnus, ya big bully.

ade patuanan

lanjutkan caenelnya mas mantap

Boo Boo

How do you live a normal or balanced life being one of the surviving children of Adam and Rose West??

M.D. F

That was rude of him. Unsportsmanlike to do that in the beginning of the match. I mean what was he thinking by doing that.Carlsen just wasted 20sec that he didn't need. He could have offered that 20sec to Matlakov. Look at him, Matlakov obviously needed it. But Carlsen wasn't having any of it.

Eugenia Alonso Gonzalez

I am Mexican

Ayman Magedy

If only my math teachers were that smart ...

Alvaro Garavito

If I was to play Kasparov, I'd bring a knife.

The Humungus

books bound by leather... an abundance of knowledge encased in skin of cow... i am in possession of many of these... yet i cannot read, for i can only write...