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This is the first problem I truly felt stumped on so far.Any dough would be proud to be rolled with that beauty!I would assume the next number in the series is 1135 by following the pattern- 158 2316 3924 6332 9540 13548 183.Wow this is a variety and super.AND 4:45 by the way is LATVIA not Lithuania!

What a simple tricktactic.

What a simple tricktactic.

Magnus Carlson TOO INTENSE!Kg1 as in the mainline.The way the guy talks has me rolling!Was hoping the last game would be a nimzo-indian since I've been playing that myself lately and am new to it.Had no one noticed that?

Chamaco cabrooon!You should do a video on David Ray Parker and his toy box if you haven't already.That doesn't sound natural.For anyone else interested in getting involved, check out our Patreon page:.Why VIsual studio code don't read getContext?Why wasnt this a good option?

This is better than sex.Melhores vdeos, te amo.Isn't Vincent's rook on g1 hanging?Gee, I'm so lucky that my most in depth thought is when I will eat next!Klasse Arbeit und lustig gemacht!

This is the second video I’ve seen where your reports are distinctly different from the professionals and your take makes less sense :.Svelte is going to be the next fad after Vue, React and Angular(which is already kinda dead to me).That first move of black that I defeat the grandmaster of computer.It was for a my relative that didn't see it since a lot of years.I wish that in the portion mentioning how burial harms soil you would have specified it was embalming fluids and not the decaying body which causes the pollution.I started to do strokes, its so satisfying that I cant stop16:36 wood pron.This music touches my heart and my soul melts down.

Cup of tea with lemon and video by John in the evening.So vikings and byzantines intermarried?Really loved the video, only thing throws me off is the animation.Very impressed that intro almost felt professional as if i was watching a tv show, good job bro.Slow down dude, it takes 3 hours to complete 10 minutes of your video.Starts playing imagineYes.

  White's queen is hanging, and if White plays Qxe7 then Black takes back with the Knight.Thx for sharing your tricks and thoughts there too.Very original and interesting job!When there is no side board.The mane is amazing, every video I watch it takes my attention lol.That you told to keep aside.Boss movie my hond ONE LOVE AWE.I made a really big one in like 1 hour.

Anexie Marie

Walang kwentang mga magulang.. Kaya masasabi kong kahit hindi kami mayaman swerte parin ako sa magulang ko.. At yung anak ko

Akmal Aminudin

neat and informational video. subscribed

Azathoth Hastur

9:19 yaaaaa

P Zeid

i remember playing legos to this song, to this whole legendary album


how to show there are infinite prime?


Magnus should GO PREMIUM, so he can play against Magnus Carlsen!

Kaique Gomes

Porra Fier...


You know, for all your self-deprecation you did I think a wonderful job commentating this tourney.

Nicholas Kostalas

Taking notes here... "Tripled pawns are three times as good". Thanks for giving us the pro tips!! XD

Billa bond 23

Ente mone Heavy

Carlo X-Men

Una traduzione in italiano


What a phenomenal match, shows what nerves can do but Kyren proved himself once again. Truly a world class player however looks like he's starting to get a little bit of that "dad bod" lol

Salman Faris

Odiyan...was a good concept. ...i am from malappuram...palakkaad people know very well about the history of ODIYAN..and some region of MALAPPURAM. ALSO...


How awesome !I love how they reincarnated this old-tech, it sure does look nice... :)Well done Millclock !

Simon Hindmarsh

The woman is Kay Burley,a news presenter who as far as I know has nothing whatsoever to do with Chess

Takeiteasymama Mama


Mehak Saini

Mera cake 40mins k bd bhi katcha ha


10:09 why not the King taking the pawn?